Monday, May 12, 2014

A Lecture and an Interview from re:publica 2014: Jacob Appelbaum, Jillian York, Sarah Harrison, Alexa O'Brien

Below you will find a lecture and an interview from re:publica 2014, featuring Jacob Appelbaum, Jillian York, Sarah Harrison, and Alexa O'Brien.

Lecture: re:publica 2014 - Let's talk about sex baby, let's talk sex...
“Using evidence from a stack of historical movements, including safer sex and harm reduction, this talk will address how advocates of liberty and privacy can ensure that their work touches the mainstream.”

Interview: re:publica 2014 - WikiLeaks, Manning and Snowden: From USA to USB
“WikiLeaks journalist Sarah Harrison, who rescued Edward Snowden from Hong Kong, is interviewed by Alexa O'Brien, the journalist responsible for the most comprehensive coverage of the trial of Chelsea Manning, about publishing classified information, protecting press sources, and defending the right to know.”

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