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I. Podcasts: Live Stream Open Discussions

25) Ep.25: Censorship, Social Media, Information, Control, Accountability, Transparency, Free Speech

24) Ep.24: Education: Problems, Solutions, Stories & Experiences, Live Stream Open Discussion [ASMR]

23) Ep.23: Sharing Our Favorite Music Lyrics, Round #3, Live Stream Open Discussion [ASMR]

22) Ep.22: Elections, Biden, Trump, Assange, Wikileaks, Accountability, Transparency & Animation [ASMR]

21) Ep.21: Censorship, Entheogens, Elections, Foreign Policy, Environment, War on Drugs [ASMR]

20) Ep.20: COVID-19 Coronavirus Live Stream Discussion, July 22, 2020: Theories & Possibilities [ASMR]

19) Ep.19: Investing/Personal Finance: Frugal, Health, Motivation, How to Get Things Done [ASMR Advice]

18) Ep.18: Movie Club: Let’s Pick Three Movies to Watch & Discuss in a Future Video, List in Description [ASMR]

17) Ep.17: Economy, Stocks, Antifragile, Trade, China, War, Collapse, Maxwell, COVID, Education [ASMR]

16) Ep.16: News Sources: Sharing My News & Information Sources [List in the Description, Recommendations, ASMR]

15) Ep.15: Current Events: Protests, Elections, Russia, Power Lies, Calm before Storm, Education & more [ASMR]

14) Ep.14: Global Protests, BLM, Racism, Obama, Libya, Africa, USA, Europe, China, India, War...[ASMR]

13) Ep.13: Favorite Music Lyrics, Round #2, Live Stream Open Discussion [ASMR, Reading]

12) Ep.12: Investing & Personal Finance: Housing, Real Estate, Taxes, Debt, Interest & Credit [ASMR]

11) Ep.11: Protests, Defunding Police, Racism, Fog of War, Foreign Policy, Education & more [ASMR]

10) Ep.10: George Floyd's Murder, 2020 Protests, Police Brutality, History, Justice, Peace & more, P2

9) Ep.9: George Floyd's Murder, 2020 Protests, Police Brutality, History, Justice, Peace & more

8) Ep.8: Technology: Gaming, VR, Life extension, Robotics, Social Media Censorship, Technocrats & more [ASMR]

7) Ep.7: Personal Finance, Investing, Jobs, Growth, Wall Street, Legalization, War & more [ASMR]

6) Ep.6: Favorite Music Lyrics: Live Stream Open Discussion: Rock, Hip-Hop, Country, Pop & more [ASMR]

5) Ep.5: Open Discussion on Extraterrestrials, UFOs, Aliens & Other Dimensional Beings [ASMR]

4) Ep.4, May 8, 2020 - COVID-19 Coronavirus Theories, Part 2... + 5G & Electromagnetic Radiation [ASMR]

3) Ep.3, May 7, 2020 - COVID-19 Coronavirus Theories, Part 1... plus Anime & Entheogens [ASMR]

2) Ep.2, May 6, 2020 - Investing and Personal Finance: Open Discussion [ASMR]

1) Ep.1, May 4, 2020 - Open Discussion on Current Events: News, Politics, Economics and more [ASMR]

II. Audio Files: Recordings

29) Let Me Show You My Comic Book Collection [ASMR, Reviews, Recommendations, Male, Soft-Spoken]

28) Posters Collection (Show & Tell Begins @ 10:13) - Movies, Music, Comics & more [ASMR, Soft-Spoken]

27) Personal Finance: Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain, How & Why They Work, Visualize Bitcoin Need [ASMR]

26) Personal Finance: Currency, Money, Economy, P2: Gold, S&P, Superman, Income, Bitcoin [ASMR MATH]

25) Personal Finance: Currency, Money and the Economy, Part 1: Graphing US Dollar and CPI [ASMR]

24) Personal Finance: Thoughts on Cryptocurrencies and My History With Bitcoin [ASMR]

23) Personal Finance: Consider the Implications of Automation -- ASMR Math -- Economy, Jobs, Growth, AI

22) Personal Finance: Timing Markets, Time Frame, Risk, Trading, Investing, Fractals [ASMR Math]

21) Personal Finance: Invest in Yourself: Health, Time, Budget, Network, Experience [ASMR, Advice]

20) Personal Finance: Timing Markets, Time Frame, Risk, Trading, Investing, Fractals [ASMR Math]

19) Whispering Nina Simone's "Images" [ASMR, Male, Soft-Spoken, Lyrics, Reading]

18) Whispering Billie Holiday's "Strange Fruit" [ASMR, Male, Soft-Spoken, Lyrics, Reading]

17) The Do's and Don'ts of Cliff Jumping: Advice on How to Stay Alive and Some Jumping Stories [ASMR]

16) Some Advice to Those Who Have Lost Loved Ones: Dealing with Death, Grief (ASMR)

15) Interview Question: The Answer That Got Me My First Job as a Geophysicist [ASMR, geophysics]

14) My Life as a Geophysicist: Talking about Geophysics & Preparing to Make Elderberry Liqueur [ASMR]

13) Harvesting Grape Leaves from Our Patio Garden: Making Dolmas, P1 [ASMR, Birds Singing, Soft-spoken]

12) ASMR Math: Division by Zero, Why We Can’t Travel at the Speed of Light, Einstein’s Relativity

11) Reading the Comics Code Authority, CCA: SOTI Covers & 1954 Criteria for Censoring Comic Books [ASMR]

10) Whispering Max Ehrmann's "Desiderata" [ASMR Reading Poetry, Soft-Spoken, Poem, Male]

9) "The Rhythm Of Time" by Bobby Sands [ASMR Reading Poetry, Whisper, Poem]

8) Anomalies, Prisons, and Geophysics: How Governments Use Data and How to Stop Them [ASMR]

7) Whispering Valerie's Letter from Alan Moore and David Lloyd's V for Vendetta [ASMR Reading, Male]

6) Reading Raymond Feist's The Riftwar Saga, Darkness At Sethanon, Creation [ASMR, Time Travel]

5) Reading Excerpts from Krishnamurti's 'Education and the Significance of Life', Begins at 3:14 [ASMR]

4) War Is A Racket by Major General Smedley Butler [Full Reading, Soft-Spoken, ASMR]

3) Soft-Spoken Reading of WikiLeaks' OPCW Douma Docs: Releases: Part 1 to Part 4 [ASMR, Whisper]

2) Soft-Spoken Reading of WikiLeaks' Introduction to Guantánamo Bay Files [ASMR Reading, Assange]

1) Whispering Wikileaks' Vault 7 "Year Zero": CIA Hacking Tools Revealed [ASMR Reading]

III. Guest Appearances on Other Podcasts

2) The Vexatious Podcast #2 with @chychoLive!

1) Free Radical Media Podcast: Mathematics, Education and True Learning with chycho

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