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The Language of Mathematics: Table of Contents

Content on this page is geared towards teaching the syntax of the language of mathematics, the rules and principles that we use in math. See Math in Real Life for a look at how we can use this information to enhance our lives.
  • Series I - Description, Exercises and Solutions.
  • Series II - Description, Exercises and Solutions.
  • Series IIIa - Description
  • Series IIIb - Description
  • Series IVa - done... description coming soon
  • Series IVb (open)
  • Videos Available for Download

  • Series I

    Formulas and definitions used in this series.
    Direct link to full album. Four images total.

    Section 1: Introduction and Instructions

    Section 2: The Real Number Set

    Section 3: Zero and Infinity

    Section 4: Basic Operations

    Section 5: Prime Numbers

    Section 6: Fractions

    Section 7: Trigonometry

    Section 8: Basic Geometry

    Section 9: Coordinate Geometry

    Section 10: Proofs

    Section 11: Why a negative and a negative makes a positive

    Section 12: Miscellaneous Videos

    Series II

    Section 1: Exponents and Radicals

    Section 2: Book Recommendations

    Section 3: Miscellaneous Videos II

    Series IIIa

    Section 1: Summary of Series I and II, and Introduction to Series III

    Section 2: Black Holes and Elementary Particles

    Section 3: Techniques for Solving Equations

    Section 4: Solving Equations and Checking Solutions

    Section 5: Solving Quadratic Equations: Factoring Techniques

    Section 6: Introduction to Polynomial Functions

    Section 7: Miscellaneous

    Series IIIb

    Section 1: Recaps and Introductions

    Section 2: Difference of Squares
      Continues from Section 5 of Series IIIa

    Section 3: Factoring Complex Trinomials using the 4-Step Method

    Section 4: The Quadratic Formula

    Section 5: The Let Statement

    Section 6: Synthetic Division and The Division Statement

    Section 7: The Remainder Theorem and The Factor Theorem

    Section 8: Why Math is Important

    Section 9: Study Tips

    Section 10: Miscellaneous

    Series IVa

    Video: (144): Introduction to Series IV

    Section 1: Units and Systems

    Section 2: Ratios and Fractions

    Section 3: Units and Ratios

    Section 4: Unit Conversion

    Series IVb

    Video: (152): Torrent now available for Series IVa, and an Update

    Video: (153): Recap of Series I, II, IIIa, IIIb, IVa, and a little Math in Real Life

    Section 1: Infinity (My Two Infinities)

    Section ??: Miscellaneous

    Videos Available for Download

    I. Links

    Please note, since The Pirate Bay was taken down it’s become harder to provide constant direct links to the torrents. The torrents are still available, I usually have two computer seeding them, so please look for the torrents on other file sharing sites such as KickassTorrents.

    Hopefully in time we will be able to create a society where we can share content freely without government or corporate interference, until then, happy seeding.

    Direct links to torrents on The Pirate Bay (Please note: The Pirate Bay gets taken down a lot by governments so if the links below don't work please go the "Videos Available for Download" page. It contains the most updated links):
    • Series I: Videos #1 to #35 for The Language of Mathematics, produced in 2007.
    • Series II: Videos #36 to #58 for The Language of Mathematics, produced in 2008.
    • Series IIIa: Videos #61 to #92 for The Language of Mathematics, produced in 2009.
    • Series IIIb: Videos #93 to #142 for The Language of Mathematics, produced in 2010-2011.
    • Series IVa: Videos #143 to #151 for The Language of Mathematics plus some videos for Math in Real Life, produced in 2011-2013.

    II. Description

    At the request of my readers, in 2009 I began to provide torrents for the math videos. The torrents are available through The Pirate Bay and other file sharing networks.

    Downloads are series specific and the files organized based on their video number and/or year, i.e, the order in which the videos were produced. See the table of contents for The Language of Mathematics and Math in Real Life to put things into context.

    Please note that videos from Series I, II, and IIIa are tagged with, and those for Series IIIb and Series IVa are tagged with

    III. Video Update


    1. You got hacked? Who was your host?

    2. My hosting company was DreamHost.

      A play by play of how everything unfolded at: HELP URGENT! My email got changed, not by me and Re: HELP URGENT! My email got changed, not by me.

      The quick version of what happened HERE.

    3. Really sorry, you are helping people with this, and stupid people come and do this to you .

      thank you for helping me in my math chycho

      From guatemala

    4. You're welcome Byron, and no worries about the site. It's a lesson learned from my part. Taught me to go a little high end with the next sites and to make sure to set up some fail safes - once the math sites go up, I really don't want them to go down :)

    5. Hi chycho ~ I can't seem to find these excersizes for the videos. How do access them? We are beginning at the beginning. Thanks ~ Owlpixie

    6. Hi bodypiercingbyilka,

      Unfortunately all the exercises got zapped when my site was hacked and taken down :(

      Getting them back up is on my list but it won't happen for a while yet, sorry.

    7. bummer. Thanks for the videos, they are very helpful and informative. Do you recommend another site with excersises that may substitue? I really appreciate your help. You are a very gifted man with incredible teaching skill.

    8. Series looks great, Chycho! Really looking forward to going through the Series step by
      and hoping for that moment of illumination
      when the data set becomes a comprehensive body
      of knowledge in my mind available for use at any time!

      Thanks for your help and encouragement!

      Warmest regards,


    9. bodypiercingbyilka,

      I haven't been following any of the other sites that provide math content so, unfortunately, I can't recommend anyone. That being said, I know Khan Academy provides some awesome videos, a different style than what i do. You could check his site and see if he has any exercises.

    10. Thanks Eligah, I'll do my best to make it happen for you. I plan on introducing something new this year which may help. Will let everyone know more about it later :)



    11. Chycho

      I am a doctor now! I find your videos very useful. Good to recollect what I did many years back.

      Why do you film your videos at noisy surroundings? They too irritate and are a distraction. I think your lectures would be better at the comfort of your cosy home where you had filmed the introduction.

      Good work


    12. Thanks Shri,

      Regarding the sound, I've improved it for Series IV so hopefully that helps. Doing these videos was my first time trying anything like this so I really didn't know what I was getting myself into.

      As for why do it outside, my best answer is that I like being outside, and since the editing takes me a while to do, if i didn't shoot the videos outside i would never see the sun, feel the wind, or taste the rain.

      Thanks again, and welcome to my site.



    13. Dearest Chycho:

      This is Khalid Butt from Lahore, Pakistan. Only last month I found your Math Videos. You are doing great missionery work. I will go through them and will try to teach my children. Do you have texts of your Videos already done. God bless you and yours - Amen!

      Kindest Personal Regards
      Khalid Butt

    14. Hello Khalid, hope your kids find the videos helpful. Let me know if you need any help... as for text, sorry, no text yet. It'll be quite some time before i reach that point.



    15. Thank you Chycho for your instant response. I am currently redownloading your videos as due to extensive power fluctuations in my area, all your videos and all other downloaded things erased automatically and I even could not recover any of them. Anyway I watched some of your videos and enjoyed them and yes my kids did see you workind on the roadsides and first I have to go through [as you say we have to watch the videos several times] and then help my kids to do the same and hopefully it will take some time. I could not find links for the Math Series IV.

      Again thank you and God Bless you with your Educational Mission - Amen!

      Best Regards

    16. It's my pleasure Khalid.

      As for Series IV, I just started it so there are a lot more videos to come. I don't provide the torrent until a series is finished. That said, I'm pretty sure you can download what I have up to this point from youtube.

      Good luck :)

    17. Forget my last message, I have the downloaded torrent version and, having looked on youtube, the correction was made in a white popup at the bottom of the video. Agan, thanks for doing these videos, your helping a lot of people learn and enjoy mathematics, all the best Chycho.

      1. Awesome! Hearing from someone who's downloaded the torrents :)

        Usually I only hear from those who have seen the videos on youtube. It's good to know that the torrents are being well used as well.

        All the best,


    18. You rock Chyncho, after coming across your videos, i was so excited and would spend hours listening to your lectures. I love your style, coherence, selection of topics. I start recommending it to every one who struggles at math.
      When every one tries to mince money out of their limited potential, you stand out as a human, and I am sure these videos are great help for those who are not able to afford standard education. Your videos are one of the bests i have even seen. God bless you and your family.

      1. Thank you, SR. Very much appreciate your kind words. What I'm doing here is sort of a labor of love and it's an amazing feeling to share it.

        Thanks again, you made me feel very good on this Wednesday night.