Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Investing & Personal Finance: Cashless Society, UBI, Crypto & more: Timestamps in Description [ASMR]

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  • Twitch Channel: twitch.tv/chycholive
  • TOPICS DISCUSSED IN THIS VIDEO (time Stamps): Economy (9:35), Interest Rates (14:50), Polarization (24:06), UBI (25:29), Cashless Society (28:22), Upgrading the Setup (30:00), US Dollar (32:41), Bitcoin (33:55), Stream vs Podcast (35:37), Self Employment (36:54), Investing in Cryptocurrency (38:18), Education in Investing (41:22), My First Business Venture, Setting Up a Neighborhood Gaming Room (52:57-1:02:42), Decentralize Yourself (1:05:22), One of the Major Problems with Universal Basic Income, The Power of Centralization (1:06:30 to 1:11:14), How to Profit From an Economic Crash: with Cash and Disruptive Innovation (1:11:15), China and the Corruption of Centralization (1:13:48), Idealism vs Realism (1:15:10), Generating Extra Cash, Benefits of Projects (1:16:04), Subcontracting vs Salary (1:17:40), Bill Hicks' It's Just a Ride (1:19:10), Capitalism (1:21:00), Gold (1:26:25), Peter Shiff (1:29:05), Purpose of Life (1:33:10), Chasing the Carrot (1:34:42), VR (1:42:40+), Budgeting/Expenses (1:43:08)... and more