Tuesday, February 23, 2010

chycho is looking for music and animation to help teach mathematics: Did you say you want to help end prohibition?

NOTE: 1) If you are looking for the table of contents for the math videos see: The Language of Mathematics: Table of Contents. 2) If you are curious and want to find out what happened to chycho.com see the following post, comment, and video.

Over the last few years numerous people have offered to assist me with the work I was doing on my blog. In most instances I refrained from passing work onto others that I could do myself, while making it clear that at some point I would most definitely appreciate and need the help. I have now reached that point.

As most of my readers are aware, one of the main sections on my site was the content available for The Language of Mathematics. As of this writing, approximately 90 videos, roughly 11 hours of lessons, three seasons worth of material have been produced.

As I have stated previously, I am dedicating 2010 to consolidating these math videos and all that pertains to them onto two websites. One will be dedicated to generating income for myself and those whose work will appear in the final package, and the other will be dedicated to raising money for organizations that are actively working to help end prohibition.

The three videos embedded below provide a brief summary of what I have done so far, what I plan to accomplish, why I am doing this, what I need help with, and what I am offering in return to those who wish to join this project. Keep in mind that the essence of what I am looking for is authenticity.

Some of the important points to note if you are willing to join this endeavor are the following:

    1) You understand that I promise nothing other than that I will work my ass off trying to get this project off the ground. For those who have followed my work online, this means that all the time and energy that was spent creating and maintaining chycho.com will now be diverted to this project. This should give everyone a pretty good idea of what to expect in the next few years.

    2) You must be willing to have your work used to raise money for organizations that are actively working to end prohibition, no exceptions. If you would like to know why, then see the following piece: “The solution to our environmental woes is to end prohibition: Planting the seeds of their destruction”. The following short video contains further information.

    3) The videos will be available for free and torrent files will be provided for those wishing to have a hard copy of the content. Videos will also be sold to those that can afford it and are willing to pay. As far as I am concerned, money should never be the criteria governing an individuals ability to receive an education.

    4) I am only interested in work that is owned by the creators of the work, not by corporations.

    5) I will do my best to try and generate revenue and share it with contributors as soon as possible, however, at the moment, this is a solo operation, so I will require quite a bit of time to put things into motion, if it is even possible to put into practice the business model which I wish to establish.

    6) None of the music presently sampled in the math videos for Series I, II, or IIIa will appear in the final package, unless of course I am granted permission. All those videos will be re-edited with music provided by those who wish to join this project.

    7) If you are interested in participating then post a video response with your music, animation, or anything else that you think will complement what I am doing, to the youtube videos posted above, or send me a message at [chycho.chycho (at) gmail (dot) com] with the following subject line: “Content for Mathematics”. If relevant, please include lyrics for your work. No attachments please.

For those that have no idea of what I’m talking about, the following are some examples of the math videos that contain music. No videos with animation have been produced yet:

As for my philosophy on life and what it means to live it, it was outlined quite nicely on my blog, but, unfortunately, since that content is not available at the moment, the following points are the model that I am using as my base for this project. More will most likely be added as things progress.

    1) No Corporation has the right to tell human beings how they can heal themselves or what they can or can not do to their own bodies. If they do, which is the case at the moment, then we are just slaves and they the masters. This is unacceptable to me, as it should be unacceptable to any sane human being. Or, as paraphrased by Bill Hicks:

      "Here is my final point," he once said, "about drugs, about alcohol, about pornography and smoking and everything else. What business is it of yours what I do, read, buy, see, say, think, who I fuck, what I take into my body - as long as I do not harm another human being on this planet. I'm basically just a joke-blower, a fairly harmless guy, a believer in love and truth, anti-war, a believer in the values under which this country was originally founded: freedom of expression. And for those of you out there who are having a little moral dilemma in your head about this, I'll answer it for you: It's None Of Your Fuckin' Business. Take that to the bank, cash it and take it on a vacation out of everybody's life ...”

    2) Open Source Everything.

    3) “If we accept that we cannot prevent science and technology from changing our world, we can at least try to ensure that the changes they make are in the right directions. In a democratic society, this means that the public needs to have a basic understanding of science, so that it can make informed decisions and not leave them in the hands of experts.” (Stephen Hawking, Black Holes and Baby Universes, p.28, Speech given in Oviedo, Spain, 1989).

    4) Experiencing life by sharing your art.

    “If it is correct, as I believe it is, that a fundamental element of human nature is the need for creative work, for creative inquiry, for free creation without the arbitrary limiting effect of coercive institutions, then, of course, it will follow that a decent society should maximise the possibilities for this fundamental human characteristic to be realised…

    “Now a federated, decentralised system of free associations, incorporating economic as well as other social institutions, would be what I refer to as anarcho-syndicalism; and it seems to me that this is the appropriate form of social organisation for an advanced technological society, in which human beings do not have to be forced into the position of tools, of cogs in the machine. There is no longer any social necessity for human beings to be treated as mechanical elements in the productive process; that can be overcome and we must overcome it by a society of freedom and free association, in which the creative urge that I consider intrinsic to human nature, will in fact be able to realise itself in whatever way it will.” (Human Nature: Justice versus Power: Noam Chomsky debates with Michel Foucault (1971)).

    5) Rewriting of copyright laws.

Below you will find the names and websites of some of the more prominent groups spearheading the battle to end prohibition in the United States and Canada. They are trying to bring sanity to our lives and I’m sure that they would appreciate our help as much as we appreciate their efforts. They will be some of the main recipients of funds generated from this project.