Thursday, December 26, 2019

Our next Live Stream, Saturday December 28, 9:00 AM PST: We Had Our First Takedown Notice from Youtube, Let’s Watch the Video and Talk about It [UPDATE: We won the dispute, YouTube restored the video]

UPDATE: We won the dispute, YouTube restored the video: Twitch Live Stream, Session #2: Sharing My Sources for Political and Economic News (starts at 3:37)

Hi Everyone,

I hope you have been enjoying the holidays and spending lots of time with loved ones, sharing amazing food, drink and merriment.

How about we touch base with a live stream this weekend. There are a few things that I would love to roll out for 2020, some planned, some not, and it would be great to brainstorm with the community. First thing I would like to go over is how we can deal with the censorship taking place on YouTube.

A few days ago, on December 24, having been on YouTube for almost 14 years, with over 800 plus videos uploaded, sharing hundreds of hours of content, we received our first takedown notice from YouTube. I have disputed the takedown and am waiting to hear back from them.

The video in question is one of our early live streams we had on Twitch, from December 2017, uploaded to YouTube and BitChute with the following title: “Twitch Live Stream, Session #2: Sharing My Sources for Political and Economic News (starts at 3:37)”. It is not available for viewing on YouTube anymore, not unless they reverse their takedown, but it is still available on BitChute here:

What I would like to do on Saturday, December 28, at 9:00 AM PST, is to watch this video with the community during a live stream and talk about what might have triggered the takedown. I figured we might as well do this now, because if a video where I’m sharing my sources for political and economic news – something that the community has requested me to do multiple times over the years – gets taken down, then the odds are that we will be receiving more takedown notices in the future, and if we do, the odds are that YouTube will terminate our channel.

Aside from that, there are other topics and issues that I would like to go over with the community, specifically getting a feel as to the direction that you would like us to go. Here are a few topics of discussion for this and upcoming streams regarding the future of chycho:
1) For this stream, let's watch the video that got taken down by YouTube and try and figure out what might have triggered the takedown.

2) I’m planning on becoming more active on Patreon, Subscribestar and Discord and would like to give everyone a heads-up as to what I have in mind.

3) I now have a Soundcloud Pro Unlimited channel where I hope to start uploading audio only of some of our content. Consider this the first stage of learning to incorporate podcasting into our repertoire. Here is our channel:

4) Full Twitch streams will be uploaded to BitChute, some segments from some streams on both YouTube and BitChute.

5) For as long as we can Julian Assange and WikiLeaks content will continue to be uploaded in full to both YouTube and BitChute.

6) In 2020 we will begin work on the text for the math content.
Thank you for the support, and see you Saturday if you can make it, the odds are, we will be live from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM PST.




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