Wednesday, July 28, 2010

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I've also started a video series providing further information and some reviews for some of the items listed below. Those videos can be found at: My Best of List: Some of My Influences (Q&A).

  1. Introduction
  2. Teachers Worth Learning From
  3. Books Worth Reading
  4. Comics and Graphic Novels
  5. Courses and Playlists worth Investing In
  6. Programs Worth Having
  7. Documentaries Worth Watching
  8. Lectures and Interviews of Interest
  9. Articles and Documents Worth Noting
  10. Music Worth Listening To
  11. Live Electronic Music to Attend
  12. Animation to Blow Your Mind
  13. Art and Design Worth Viewing
  14. News and Blogs Worth Scanning
  15. Movies Worth The Time
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With the advent of the Internet we have seen unfiltered information travel at light-speed across the globe. This global community, functioning as the only true free society, is reshaping our world. Where this interaction and connectivity will lead is yet to be determined, however, the changes are and continue to be unprecedented.

As long as we have open and unbiased access to the Internet will remain active, presenting a unique personal perspective and sharing our communal experiences and knowledge, the essence of the Internet.

As for who I am? I believe that our personal perspective is a reflection of our influences; hence, below I have provided some of my influences, both major and minor, from books that I have read, to teachers that I have encountered, to movies and documentaries that I have watched, to music that I have looped, and much more. This list in addition to the animated individual you see before you in the math videos should provide additional insight into my nature.

I hope you enjoy this labor of love.


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Portrait by Bruno Rođak

Portrait by Emil Kin

Teachers Worth Learning From
For some additional info see: "Some Primary Lessons from Some Amazing Teachers"

Books Worth Reading

Comics and Graphic Novels

Courses and Playlists worth Investing In

Programs Worth Having

Documentaries and Investigations Worth Watching

Lectures, debates, and Interviews of Interest

Articles, Documents, and Reports Worth Noting

Music Worth Listening To

Live Electronic Music to Attend

Animation to Blow Your Mind

Art, Design, and Dance Worth Viewing

News and Blogs Worth Scanning

Movies Worth The Time

Resources and Tools

Sound Bites