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I've also started a video series providing further information and some reviews for some of the items listed below. Those videos can be found at: My Best of List: Some of My Influences (Q&A).

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Who I Am: An Introduction to chycho and My Work Online for the Last 16 Years, Blogging Since 2005


With the advent of the Internet we have seen unfiltered information travel at light-speed across the globe. This global community, functioning as the only true free society, is reshaping our world. Where this interaction and connectivity will lead is yet to be determined, however, the changes are and continue to be unprecedented.

As long as we have open and unbiased access to the Internet will remain active, presenting a unique personal perspective and sharing our communal experiences and knowledge, the essence of the Internet.

As for who I am? I believe that our personal perspective is a reflection of our influences; hence, below I have provided some of my influences, both major and minor, from books that I have read, to teachers that I have encountered, to movies and documentaries that I have watched, to music that I have looped, and much more. This list in addition to the animated individual you see before you in the math videos should provide additional insight into my nature.

I hope you enjoy this labor of love.


chycho.chycho [at] gmail [dot] com

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    Teachers Worth Learning From
    For some additional info see: "Some Primary Lessons from Some Amazing Teachers"

    Books Worth Reading

    Comics and Graphic Novels

    Courses and Playlists worth Investing In

    Programs Worth Having

    Documentaries and Investigations Worth Watching

    Lectures, debates, and Interviews of Interest

    Articles, Documents, and Reports Worth Noting

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    Live Electronic Music to Attend

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    1. Hi! I just stumbled across your videos on You Tube as I was trying to answer the question "why do fractions exist?". I have only seen the first five videos so far, but I had to take a couple of minutes to tell you how much I appreciate your passion and dedication. As a child I struggled terribly with math in school and convinced myself (with the help of a terrible math teacher) that I was just no good at math. My self esteem was affected by this and (a different) math teacher later insisted that if I was so good at English I HAD to be a great at math (I decided to prove her wrong unfortunately). Your words rang a bell "math is just another language" and opened up my imagination. Now I am the mom of an eight year old and I DON'T want him to feel the desperation I did when it came to math. Math is the most fascinating and wonderful topics to discuss, read about and continue to learn about because it helps us human beings understand our world. I also have to add that your use of Mos Def in your third video was brilliant! There is one point of debate that I have, however, and it is this: you say that way back at the beginning of humanity´s love affair, if you will, with mathematics people weren't philosophers but mathematicians yet you use your example of sheep herders (the sheep herders who were trying to figure things out). The point is this, before math came into our (humanity´s) conception of reality, we (humanity) had to ask ourselves the important question: why? So, I say, BEFORE people were mathematicians they HAD to be philosophers. Philosophy is where all the sciences AND religion began, people asked WHY and went about answering the question. We still are looking for the answers today, thousands of years later. Cheers Chycho and thank you again!

    2. Hi Alma,

      I'm really happy that the terrible experience you had with your teachers didn't permanently turn you off of math. It's such a shame that our education system, all over the world really, has turned math into the most hated subject in school. Such a shame. I hope your 8 year old grows up to love math, and with your guidance I'm sure he will.

      As for my comment about philosophers and mathematicians, I wish I hadn't made it, or at least clarified it. I got a little excited at the time and ended up getting carried away. I tend to do that, and every now and then I do get burned for it, which helps to keep me honest in the long run. One thing though, I do believe that we are all born mathematicians. I think it's in our DNA. Of course, this could be said about philosophy as well, that we are all born philosophers. A loop of sorts between mathematics and philosophy helping us, as you pointed out, to answer the question "WHY?".

    3. Hello Chycho. I've been watching your videos and found them enjoyable and informative. I think however on video 12 of series 1 you missed the '7' at the top left that would have canceled out the 7 on the bottom right. I may be wrong, If I'm not then the error is understandable with all the construction going on around you in the Video. Let me know if it was a mistake as I'm currently learning the stuff from the videos and it will help me progress. P.S- I couldn't find a 'contact me' part on your site and so had no choice but to write here. Take care friend.

      1. Hello Aequus,

        You're correct, in video #12 i did forget to cancel the 7... oops! If you leave the youtube annotations on, at around the 6 minute mark, a little note shows up correcting the mistake. I also added the correction in the youtube description.

        As for contacting me, commenting here or on youtube gets my attention very fast, as does emailing me at "chycho.chycho [at] gmail [dot] com" :)

        Hope that helps. Peace,