Monday, April 25, 2011

Table of Contents for Series IIIb now available

The Table of Contents for Series IIIb is provided below. Full table of contents for all the videos related to The Language of Mathematics available at “The Language of Mathematics: Table of Contents” and through the About Page.

Table of Contents for Series IIIb

Section 1: Recaps and Introductions

Section 2: Difference of Squares
    Continues from Section 5 of Series IIIa

Section 3: Factoring Complex Trinomials using the 4-Step Method

Section 4: The Quadratic Formula

Section 5: The Let Statement

Section 6: Synthetic Division and The Division Statement

Section 7: The Remainder Theorem and The Factor Theorem

Section 8: Why Math is Important

Section 9: Study Tips

Section 10: Miscellaneous