Page for food related content (YouTube Playlist):
24) Let's Make Gluten Free Pancakes and Talk about Life (Recipe, How To, Live Stream)

23) Mom's Borscht Recipe: Let's Make Some Power Food, a Cooking Live Stream (Homemade Soup, How to)

22) Cooking Live Stream: Persian Cherry Rice Chicken Casserole, Kuku, Cranberry Sauce (Recipe, How to)

21) Let's Make Some Pomegranate Liqueur: Tasting Homemade Liqueurs, How to Make, Recipe [ASMR]

20) Eating Fruit Salad: Pomegranate Seeds, Kiwi, Persimmons, Hemp Hearts, Mulberries & Cacao Nibs [ASMR]

19) Cooking Live Stream: How to Use Dried Mint in Food & Drink, Multiple Dishes Recipe, Eating Persimmon

18) Jarring 38 Pounds of Honey: ASMR Math

17) How to Make Homemade Liqueur: Let Me Show You My Liqueur Collection

16) Jarring Dried Mint

15) Philosophy and Armenian Donuts: Let's Make Deep Fried Pancakes and Talk about Life (How to, Recipe)

14) Let’s Make Some Food: Maple Syrup Brussels Sprouts Dish and Coconut Chocolate Chip Macaroon Cookies

13) Let’s Make Some Food: Liver and Onions, Lamb Loin Chops, and Pan Fried Potatoes (How to, Recipe)

12) Philosophy and Pancakes: Let's Make Pancakes and Talk about Life

11) How to Make Persian Kookoo (Kuku) and a Sweet Rice Dish - Vegetarian Recipe

10) Let's Make Some Power Food

9) Let's Make Some Honey Chocolate Chip Cookies

8) ASMR Math: How to Make Tea: 5 Ingredients, 31 Blends, Two Systems, Binary String, Pascal's Triangle, Binomial Theorem, Combinatorics, 5 Choose 1 to 5

7) How to Make and Eat Crab Apple Butter, Crabapple Spread

6) Jarring 20 Pounds of Honey

5) Prepping to Make Autumn Olive Jam: Picking Berries

4) Eating Autumn Olives

3) The Pomegranate Video Page

2) Mathematics of Food and Farming

1) Two Bearded Men Eating Hamburgers

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