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73) Cooking Live Stream: Let's Make Some Cornelian Cherry Jam [ASMR Recipe, Kitchen Sounds, Food]

72) Cooking Live Stream: Let's Make Some Strawberry Jam & Strawberry & Watermelon Liqueur [ASMR Recipe]

71) Yearly Liqueur Cabinet Cleaning & Sampling, Let's Relax [ASMR, Male, Soft-Spoken, Drinking, Recipe]

70) Grape Harvest From Our Patio Garden Today

69) Making Blackberry Jam, Cooking Live Stream [How to Recipe, ASMR, Soft-Spoken Male in the Kitchen]

68) Cooking Live Stream: Let's Make Some Plum Jam [ASMR, Recipe, How to Make, Canning, Jarring]

67) Cooking Live Stream: Beef Pork Ribs, Armenian Persian Funeral Halva [How To Make, Food Recipe, ASMR]

66) Making Cornelian Cherry and Quince Liqueur [How to Recipe, ASMR]

65) Harvesting Hops, Three Short Video Clips [ASMR]

64) Let's Make Some Homemade Liqueur: Grape, Plum and Blackberry - Easy How to Recipe [ASMR]

63) Making Blackberry Jam Live Stream [How to, Recipe, Relaxing Cooking ASMR, Soft-Spoken, Male, 2022]

62) Trimming Cannabis Plants in Our Patio Garden & Talking about Life [ASMR, Male, Soft-Spoken]

61) Harvesting Cannabis from Our Patio Garden [ASMR, Growing Plants]

60) Two Short Video Segments: Harvesting Tobacco & Hops

59) Chilling & Sampling Liqueurs in Our Patio Garden [ASMR, Drinking, Open Discussion, Recipes, Relax]

58) Live Stream Open Discussion Held on March 16 on Exercise, Fitness, Food, Diet, Health and Comic Books [ASMR Advice]

57) Cooking Live Stream: Beef Stroganoff with Fries [Family Recipe, Armenian/Persian, How to ASMR]

56) Jarring 70 Pounds of Honey [ASMR]

55) Cooking Live Stream: Chicken Curry and Persian Barberry Rice Dish/Casserole [ASMR, Iranian Recipe]

54) Cooking Live Stream: Making Hamburgers & Fries, Talking about Books & Life [ASMR, Armenian Recipe]

53) Cooking Live Stream: Persian Lentil Rice Dish with Lamb & Tahdig/Tadeek [ASMR, Recipe, How to Make]

52) Liqueur Cabinet Cleaning & Sampling, Homemade Recipe, Taste Test [ASMR, How to Make, Relax, Chill]

51) Cooking Live Stream: Making Armenian/Persian Kuku (Kookoo) & Talking about Nostalgia [ASMR, Recipe]

50) Making Strawberry Liqueur in our Patio Garden [ASMR, Soft-Spoken, How to, Recipe, Nature, Homestead]

49) Morning in Our Patio Garden Cleaning Strawberries for Making Jam & Prepping Unripened Grapes [ASMR]

48) Morning Harvest from our Patio Garden: Suckering Tomato Plants & Harvesting Unripe Grapes [ASMR]

47) Let's Harvest Grapes, Greens & Herbs from Our Patio Garden [ASMR]

46) Let’s Make Some Fruit Liqueur (Begins at 28:01) & Top-up Older Bottles (Begins at 15:36) [ASMR, How to, Recipe]

45) Let's Have Breakfast Together on Our Garden Patio [ASMR, Male, Soft-Spoken, Eating, Food]

44) Cooking Live Stream: Armenian/Persian Dolma Recipe, Mixed & Grape Vine Leaves, How to, Dolmeh [ASMR]

43) Harvesting Greens & Herbs from the Garden Patio: Mint, Parsley, Basil, Lettuce, Arugula [ASMR Food]

42) Transplanting Seedlings for Our Garden Patio [ASMR, How to]

41) Harvesting Grape Leaves from Our Patio Garden: Making Dolmas, P1 [ASMR, Birds Singing, Soft-spoken]

40) Cooking Live Stream: Persian Eggplant Stew, Khoresh Bademjan & Rice, Family Recipe [How to Make]

39) Liqueur Cabinet Spring Cleaning, Maintaining, Sampling & Making - ASMR, How to, Recipe [See Note]

38) Cooking Live Stream: chycho Burgers, Chicken Broth, Rice Dish, Family Hamburger Recipe [How to Make]

37) Let’s Make Some Lamb Stew: Cooking Live Stream and Open Discussion [Recipe, How to ASMR]

36) Let's Wrap the Presents We're Giving Our Loved Ones for the Holidays [ASMR]

35) How to Make Cornelian Cherry Liqueur, and Topping-Up the Lemon Liqueur [ASMR]

34) Making Blackberry & Pineapple Liqueur, & Topping-Up the Rest of the Bottles [ASMR, Collection]

33) Making 18.25 Liters of Crab Apple Butter During a 6.5 Hour Cooking Live Stream [How to ASMR]

32) Let's Make Some Apple Sauce, Applesauce Recipe: How to Cooking Live Stream [ASMR]

31) Let's Make Blackberry Jam: How to Cooking Live Stream, Recipe [ASMR]

30) Making Homemade Blackberry & Pineapple Liqueur (Intro Begins at 22:35, Making Begins at 50:00) - How to, Recipe, Show & Tell, ASMR

29) Let's Make Some Plum Jam, Lots of Plum Jam, Recipe, How to Cooking Live Stream [ASMR]

28) Let's Harvest Some Black Currants and Talk about Censorship [ASMR]

27) Jarring Dried Spring Mint [ASMR]

26) Hanging Mint to Dry [ASMR]

25) Gluten Free Persian Kuku (Kookoo): Recipe, How to Cooking Live Stream, Vegetarian

24) Let's Make Gluten Free Pancakes and Talk about Life (Recipe, How To, Live Stream)

23) Mom's Borscht Recipe: Let's Make Some Power Food, a Cooking Live Stream (Homemade Soup, How to)

22) Cooking Live Stream: Persian Cherry Rice Chicken Casserole, Kuku, Cranberry Sauce (Recipe, How to)

21) Let's Make Some Pomegranate Liqueur: Tasting Homemade Liqueurs, How to Make, Recipe [ASMR]

20) Eating Fruit Salad: Pomegranate Seeds, Kiwi, Persimmons, Hemp Hearts, Mulberries & Cacao Nibs [ASMR]

19) Cooking Live Stream: How to Use Dried Mint in Food & Drink, Multiple Dishes Recipe, Eating Persimmon

18) Jarring 38 Pounds of Honey: ASMR Math

17) How to Make Homemade Liqueur: Let Me Show You My Liqueur Collection

16) Jarring Dried Mint

15) Philosophy and Armenian Donuts: Let's Make Deep Fried Pancakes and Talk about Life (How to, Recipe)

14) Let’s Make Some Food: Maple Syrup Brussels Sprouts Dish and Coconut Chocolate Chip Macaroon Cookies

13) Let’s Make Some Food: Liver and Onions, Lamb Loin Chops, and Pan Fried Potatoes (How to, Recipe)

12) Philosophy and Pancakes: Let's Make Pancakes and Talk about Life

11) How to Make Persian Kookoo (Kuku) and a Sweet Rice Dish - Vegetarian Recipe

10) Let's Make Some Power Food

9) Let's Make Some Honey Chocolate Chip Cookies

8) ASMR Math: How to Make Tea: 5 Ingredients, 31 Blends, Two Systems, Binary String, Pascal's Triangle, Binomial Theorem, Combinatorics, 5 Choose 1 to 5

7) How to Make and Eat Crab Apple Butter, Crabapple Spread

6) Jarring 20 Pounds of Honey

5) Prepping to Make Autumn Olive Jam: Picking Berries

4) Eating Autumn Olives

3) The Pomegranate Video Page

2) Mathematics of Food and Farming

1) Two Bearded Men Eating Hamburgers

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