Sunday, July 3, 2016

Intro to Q&A: In Conversation with Chycho: What Would You like to Know? [ASMR]

Additional Videos:
1) My Best of List: Some of My Influences (Q&A).

2) Behind The Scenes: The Rhyme and Reason of the Math Videos.

3) Music That I'm Looping, and Music That I Have Looped.

4) Geophysics, Dealing with Death, and a Little Politics.

5) Interview Question: The Answer That Got Me My First Job as a Geophysicist.

6) My Sources for Economic and Political News.

7) Support My Work Through Patreon.

8) Thank You for Your Support and Welcome to My Patreon Page.

9) An Update for This 500th Video Anniversary.

10) Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Recommendations: Let Me Show You My Collection.

11) The Demise of the Comics Code Authority and Censorship: Why Comic Books Are Seeing a Resurgence.

12) Prisoners of Gravity, a Must Watch for Fans of Literature, especially Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Comic Books .

13) Thank You for Your Recommendations: Feist’s Magician (The Riftwar Saga), The Walking Dead, Johnny Got His Gun, Darker than Black, Redline, and More.

14) Five Books That Have Influenced My Political Perspective over the Years.

15) Review of Raymond Feist's Magician: Apprentice and Master, The Riftwar Saga.

16) Book, Software, and Video Playlist Recommendations for Learning Statistics, How to Study Stats .

17) Let's Talk About Music: Falling in Love with Rush: Some Advice about Life and How to Live It from 2112.

18) Net Neutrality: My Perspective of Both Sides of the Debate, Pros and Cons.

19) The 100th Monkey, an Interpretation: a Thought Experiment on Critical Mass .

20) The Story of When I Had the Chance to Buy Amazing Spider-Man #1.

21) My Gif Collection and an Open Discussion - Twitch Live Stream, Q&A .

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