Sunday, July 3, 2016

Intro to Q&A: In Conversation with Chycho: What Would You like to Know? [ASMR]

Additional Videos:
1) My Best of List: Some of My Influences (Q&A)

2) Behind The Scenes: The Rhyme and Reason of the Math Videos

3) Music That I'm Looping, and Music That I Have Looped

4) Geophysics, Dealing with Death, and a Little Politics

5) Interview Question: The Answer That Got Me My First Job as a Geophysicist

6) My Sources for Economic and Political News

7) Support My Work Through Patreon

8) Thank You for Your Support and Welcome to My Patreon Page

9) An Update for This 500th Video Anniversary

10) Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Recommendations: Let Me Show You My Collection

11) The Demise of the Comics Code Authority and Censorship: Why Comic Books Are Seeing a Resurgence

12) Prisoners of Gravity, a Must Watch for Fans of Literature, especially Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Comic Books

13) Thank You for Your Recommendations: Feist’s Magician (The Riftwar Saga), The Walking Dead, Johnny Got His Gun, Darker than Black, Redline, and More

14) Five Books That Have Influenced My Political Perspective over the Years

15) Review of Raymond Feist's Magician: Apprentice and Master, The Riftwar Saga

16) Book, Software, and Video Playlist Recommendations for Learning Statistics, How to Study Stats

17) Let's Talk About Music: Falling in Love with Rush: Some Advice about Life and How to Live It from 2112

18) Net Neutrality: My Perspective of Both Sides of the Debate, Pros and Cons

19) The 100th Monkey, an Interpretation: a Thought Experiment on Critical Mass

20) The Story of When I Had the Chance to Buy Amazing Spider-Man #1

21) My Gif Collection and an Open Discussion - Twitch Live Stream, Q&A

22) Post-Live Stream Discussion for the System of a Down Story [ASMR, Q&A]

23) Post-Mosh Pit Live Stream Discussion and a Small Comic Book Haul, Part 1 & Part 2 [ASMR]

24) Post-Exceptional Student & Education System Live Stream Discussion [ASMR]

25) Behind the Scenes: How I Create Videos, Live Streaming a Recording Session [ASMR]

26) Behind The Scenes: Live Streaming Making a How to Study Video, How to Take Notes, Part 1 and Part 2 [ASMR]

27) Live Stream Open Discussion: Politics and Economics, Q&A, Session #1 [Political ASMR]

28) Attempt at Quantifying the Abortion Debate, Open Discussion, Live Stream [ASMR]

29) Q&A: Open Discussion: Politics and Economics [ASMR]

30) Politics and Economics, Q&A, Open Discussion, Session #3 [ASMR]

31) Live Stream Open Discussion on the Economy, and Some Politics, Part 1 & Part 2 [ASMR]

32) The Economy and Personal Finance: Twitch Live Stream Open Discussion [ASMR]

33) Open Discussion on Entheogens: Twitch Live Stream (NOTE: Fire Alarm Goes Off At 1:17:00, Loud Sound)

34) Politics and Economics: Twitch Live Stream Open Discussion Session #4, September 20, 2018 [ASMR]

35) Politics and Economics: Twitch Live Stream Open Discussion Session #5, October 3, 2018 [ASMR]

36) Ethics: Open Discussion, Session #1, Twitch Live Stream, October 4, 2018 [ASMR]

37) Entheogens: Open Discussion, Session #2, Twitch Live Stream, October 5, 2018 [ASMR]

38) The Cornfield: A Higher Perspective, an Analogy: The Power of Entheogens Explained, What They Allow Us to Do [ASMR]

39) Q&A Open Discussion: Almost Anything Goes, Twitch Live Stream, October 20, 2018 [ASMR]

40) Politics and Economics (some Religion): Open Discussion, Session #6, Twitch Live Stream, October 28, 2018

41) Politics and Economics: Solutions Open Discussion, Session #7, Twitch Live Stream, Oct 29, 2018

42) The Hardest Thing I've Had to Do as a Math Tutor: Learning, Schools, and Centralized Education: Excerpts from Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s Skin in the Game [ASMR]

43) Silver Rule vs. Golden Rule: How to Treat Others, The Essence of Morality [ASMR]

44) Censorship and The Constitution of the United States, Free Speech: Excerpts from Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s Skin in the Game [ASMR]

45) Interventionistas, Transferring Risk, War and Libya: Excerpts from Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s Skin in the Game [ASMR]

46) Ethics: Open Discussion, Session #2, Twitch Live Stream, November 24, 2018 [ASMR]

47) Wikileaks, Julian Assange, Corporate Mainstream Media, Politics & Economic: Open Discussion, Session #8, Twitch Live Stream, November 27, 2018 [ASMR]

48) Open Discussion on Relationships, Human Interaction, and Life [ASMR]

49) Some of My Primary Sources for Economics and Politics News and Information [Political ASMR]

50) Politics and Economics: Open Discussion, Session #9, Deplatforming, SJWs, Fascism and more: Twitch Live Stream, December 15, 2018

51) Year End Open Discussion on Politics, Economics, Time, Life, Universe, Mathematics and More: Twitch Live Stream, December 28, 2018 [ASMR]

52) Investing and Personal Finance #3: Live Stream Open Discussion, Sunday, Dec 30, 2018 [ASMR]

53) Entheogens: Open Discussion, Session #3, Twitch Live Stream, January 2, 2019 [ASMR]

54) Politics & Economics Live Stream #10: Systems, Control, Solutions, Environment, Venezuela, February 1, 2019

55) Investing and Personal Finance #4: Live Stream Open Discussion, Politics and Economics, Thursday, February 7, 2019

56) Open Discussion, Part 1 & Part 2: Life, Mental and Physical Health, Fasting, Food, Movies & more [ASMR]

57) The Great Generational Transfer of Wealth: Introduction and Open Discussion [ASMR Math]

58) Q&A, an Open Discussion: Music, Venezuela, Education, Cyber War, Iran, Movies and more [ASMR]

59) Open Discussion: System of a Down, Nina Simone, Hip Hop, Animation, Investing, Personal Finance, Politics, Economics, and more [ASMR]

60) Open Discussion on Relationships, the Do's and Don'ts of Human Interaction, Love and Life [ASMR, Live Stream]

61) Open Discussion on Censorship, Privacy, Surveillance, Astronomy, Healthcare, Music, Politics and Economics [ASMR, Live Stream held March 23, 2019]

62) Open Discussion: Liqueurs, Conan, Article 13, Centralization, Power, Entheogens, Drugs, Guns & more [Live Stream held on Tuesday, March 26, 2019]

63) Julian Assange Has Been Arrested, Let's Talk about It: Day 1 of 2 (Live Stream on April 11, 2019)

64) Julian Assange Has Been Arrested, Let's Talk about It: Day 2 of 2 (Live Stream on April 12, 2019)

65) Open Discussion on Education: Beyond the Propaganda, How to Work the System [ASMR, Live Stream Held on Saturday, April 13, 2019]

66) Happy 420 Live Stream: Open Discussion: Education, Health, Relationships, Comic Books, Music, Politics and more [ASMR, April 20, 2019]

67) Is Teaching Worth It? Pros and Cons of Teaching: Exposure to Novelty From Youth vs. Centralized Education System [ASMR, Q&A]

68) My Perspective on Our Current Education System: Article About Centralized Indoctrination Centers [ASMR]

69) Class Size Matters

70) Bullies and Being Bullied, What It Implies: Use What You Learn from the Experience to Your Advantage [ASMR, Advice]

71) How to Get Things Done: Stop Procrastinating, Eliminate the Pressure of Time: Fill Your Life with Love by Taking Care of Things You Hate Doing First [ASMR, Q&A]

72) Discussion and Thoughts Regarding Artificial Intelligence and Transhumanism [ASMR, Q&A, AI]

73) Q&A: Discussion and Thoughts Regarding Dance and Meditation [ASMR]

74) Q&A: How Do I Become Financially Independent? It's Not Enough to Save, You Must Also Invest [ASMR]

75) Using Robo-advisors for Wealth Management & Investment Advice: Be Careful with Automation [ASMR, Q&A]

76) Q&A and Open Discussion on Education [ASMR, Q&A]

77) Live Stream Open Discussion on Current Events Held on April 28, 2019: News, Politics, Economics, Investing and more [ASMR, Q&A]

78) Live Stream Open Discussion on Current Events Held on May 4, 2019: News, Politics, Economics, Investing and more [ASMR, Q&A]

79) Live Stream Open Discussion on Current Events Held on May 10, 2019: War on Drugs, Money Laundering, Genetic Engineering, Economics, Politics and more [ASMR, Q&A]

80) Live Stream Open Discussion on Current Events Held on May 17, 2019: Abortion, Israel/Palestine, Apartheid, Guns, War Crimes, Crypto/Bitcoin, Accountability & more [ASMR, Q&A]

81) Live Stream Q&A Open Discussion on Current Events Held on May 25, 2019: Rent/Housing Bubble, Money laundering, Huawei, Nortel, Dot-com Bubble, IP, China, Federal Reserve, Wall Street, Privacy, Cash, Money, Credit, Crypto, Universal/Basic Income, Automation, Disruptive Innovation, Mathematics, Entheogens, Censorship, Polarization and more

82) Live Stream Q&A Open Discussion on Current Events Held on May 31, 2019: Politics, Economy, Elections... Wars & Resources... Environment, Education, Health... Justice, Society, Humanity... Assange, Big Data, Technology and much more [ASMR]

83) Live Stream Q&A Open Discussion on Current Events Held on June 8, 2019: Sleep, Dreams, Work, Health, Education, Propaganda, Life After High School and more [ASMR]

84) Why Censorship Is so Detrimental to the Well Being of Our Societies: Don't Break the Dam, Floodgate Analogy

85) Live Stream Q&A Open Discussion on Current Events Held on June 16, 2019: Sun, Health, Environment... Crypto, Cash, Fiat... War, Iran, Turds... Educations & more [ASMR]

86) Live Stream Q&A Open Discussion on Current Events Held on June 21, 2019: Pharma, Cultured Meat, Geoengineering...Iran, Sanctions, War... Economy, Growth, Cash... and more [ASMR]

87) Q&A and Open Discussion on Education - Education Discussion Begins at 33:18 [ASMR]

88) Live Stream Q&A Open Discussion on Current Events Held on June 30, 2019: Q&A: Water, Wars, Peace… Foreign Policy, History, US Elections… Racism, Wealth, Poverty... and more [ASMR]

89) Let's Hang out in the Patio and Talk about Life: Plant Collection Show & Tell Begins at 36:08 [ASMR]

90) Book Club: Reading Excerpts from 'The Mass Psychology of Fascism' by Wilhelm Reich [ASMR]

91) Live Stream Q&A Open Discussion on Current Events Held on July 13, 2019: Comics, Westerns, Math… Racism, Migration, Blowback… Foreign Policy, Sanctions, History [ASMR]

92) Q&A: Comic Books (3:47), Beards (14:04), Personal Finance (19:11), Liqueur (27:40) and more [ASMR]

93) Q&A: Crystals (4:25), ASMR (6.46), Comics (22:10), Relationships (29:16), Music (32:25), Entheogens (37:56)... and more [ASMR]

94) Live Stream Q&A Open Discussion on Current Events Held on July 26, 2019: UK (6:20), Syria (9:03), Capitalism (11:03), Geopolitics (20:24), Debt (32:00) and more [ASMR]

95) The Grand Geopolitical Game at Play: Where Should You Stand in the Coming Conflicts [ASMR]

96) Financial Advice for Graduates: Invest in What You Know and What You Like [ASMR]

97) Good Debt vs. Bad Debt: The 2005 Bankruptcy Bill and Student Loans

98) Investing and Personal Finance Q&A: See Description for Timestamps [ASMR, Male, Soft-Spoken, Patio]

99) Politics Q&A, Big Fat Squirrel (58:00), Story of Woman, Snake, Frog, Scorpion, Turtle (1:20:21) ASMR

100) Q&A: Information, Soundbites, Faith, Hope, Beliefs, Isims, Systems, Bureaucracies, Monopolies & more

101) Let's Talk about Economics, Investing and Personal Finance on the Patio (ASMR Live Stream)

102) Current Events Q&A: Immigration (20:00), PC Culture (32:44), China/Trump/Trade (57:00), Socialism (1:38:30)... and much more, see video description for time stamps [Political ASMR]

103) Open Discussion on Education: Beyond the Propaganda, How to Work the System and more [ASMR]

104) Q: How Do We Get Rid of Our Exam Based Education System? A: Give Yourself Worth, Showcase Your Work.

105) Do Not Go Into Debt Servitude for Your Education: Do Cost-Benefit Analysis For Your Student Loan

106) What You Should Do When You Finish High School Is Stop Being a Victim and Educate Yourself

107) Understanding the US-China Trade War: It's About Corporate Warfare (Corporate Wars)

108) Q&A: ...Socialism (6:10),... California (9:33),... Gun Control (19:30),... Love (35:41),... Julian Assange (1:28:22),... Greta Thunberg (1:36:23)... and more [ASMR]

109) Imagination Enhancement Is One of the Main Appeals of Science-fiction and Fantasy: Explore the Limits of Human Understanding and Creativity

110) What to Do When Packing Books for Storage: How to Prevent Damage from Humidity (LPT)

111) My First Business Venture, Setting Up a Neighborhood Gambling House [ASMR Stories]

112) One of the Major Problems with Universal Basic Income, The Power of Centralization (UBI)

113) Investing & Personal Finance: Cashless Society, UBI, Crypto & more: Timestamps in Description [ASMR]

114) Live Stream Open Discussion on Relationships Held on October 6, 2019: Timestamps in Description [ASMR]

115) Julian Assange, WikiLeaks, Manning, Collateral Murder Video & the Extradition Hearing (Part 1 of 2)

116) Discussion Regarding the Protests in Chile, and Julian Assange & Wikileaks Part 2 (begins at 23:23)

117) Cash vs Digital (4:51), Conspiracy Theory Facts (16:18), Noam Chomsky Conspiracy Theories (26:55)

118) The Mathematics of Ponzi Schemes: How Bernie Madoff's Scam Worked [Personal Finance ASMR]

119) The Mathematics of Social Security, Why the Payouts Are Not Sustainable [Personal Finance ASMR]

120) Julian Assange: What Propagandists Spew (11:48) vs. The True Torture Story (58:58) - Live Stream

121) Maintaining Mental Health: Keeping Your Sanity and Staying Motivated [ASMR, Motivation]

122) Relationships Live Stream: Libido, Breaking Up, Advice, Time... Timestamps in Description [ASMR]

123) Lifting the Veil: Trump Reveals the True Intentions of U.S. Foreign Policy [Political ASMR]

124) Censorship on Youtube and Other Platforms: Decentralization Is the Name of the Game [ASMR]

125) Solution to the Mass Migration Crisis: Understanding the Refugee Crisis, War Crimes & Justice [Political ASMR]

126) Live Stream Open Discussion on Current Events Held on Nov 16, 2019 (Timestamps in Description)

127) Julian Assange, Part 4: Malcolm X, Reading an Article, Gitmo Files, Obama and Torture, Omar Khadr, Reading The Guantanamo Files (Timestamps in Description of Video)

128) Lie Obtained Under Torture Used to Justify the Invasion of Iraq, Wikileaks Gitmo Files (Political ASMR)

129) State of Education in Our Societies: The Origin of Passive Consumption of Information

130) Living in Unprecedented Times: Be Aware and on the Right Side of History (ASMR)

131) LIve Stream Open Discussion on Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, Part 5 (Timestamps in Description)

132) How to Teach Math: Build Self Confidence, Emphasize That the Student Is Not Stupid (ASMR Math)

133) Our Education System Is Breaking Our Children, Appreciate the Pressure That Students Are Under

134) Three Tips for Writing Math Tests: Don't Look Away, Choose the Mode, Read Problems Twice (ASMR Math)

135) Current Events Live Stream Held on Nov 24, 2019: UK, Iran, WikiLeaks and more... (Timestamps in Description)

136) Current Events Live Stream Held on Dec 8, 2019: UK, Education, Censorship & more (Timestamps in Description)

137) Live Stream Open Discussion on Health, Food, Addiction, Depression, Cannabis, Psychedelics, Entheogens, Pharmaceuticals, Education, Centralization, Bureaucracy, Cryptocurrencies & more (Timestamps in Description)

138) YouTube took down this video, let's watch it: Sharing My Sources for Political and Economic News

139) Current Events Live Stream Held on January 11, 2020: Soleimani Assassination, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Saudi Arabia, United States and more

140) Current Events Live Stream Held on January 12, 2020: Resource Wars, Soleimani Assassination, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Oil, Petrodollar, Assange, EU, Differential Accumulation and more

141) Q&A and Current Events Open Discussion Live Stream Held on January 19, 2020: Iran, Elections, Politics, Capitalism, Economics, Epstein, Math, Anime, Comic Books, Education, Entheogens, Religion, Chocolate Cake & more (Timestamps in Description)

142) Where to Start If You're Just Getting into Anime: Recommendations and Best of List Animations [ASMR]

143) Five of the Most Important Political Issues of Our Time: Crucifixion of Julian Assange, War with Iran, Destabilization of Latin America, China Rising, Scramble for Africa

144) Personal Finance: How to Be Financially Independent: Use The Economic System to Your Advantage, Pay No Taxes Just like Amazon and Netflix

145) Investing & Personal Finance: Student Debt, Education, Stocks, Wall Street, Jobs, Inflation, US Debt, Capitalism, Financial independence and more... (Timestamps in Description, ASMR)

146) Live Stream Open Discussion on Wuhan Coronavirus: Data Analysis (6:30), WHO Briefing (1:05:00)

147) Live Stream Open Discussion Held on February 2, 2020: Coronavirus, Brexit, Education, AI, Transhumanism, Assange... and more (Timestamps in Description, BitChute Exclusive)

148) Thoughts and Discussion on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Transhumanism, Automation, Simulations and Virtual Reality [ASMR]

149) How to Learn Math: Thoughts on Teaching Mathematics & Our Centralized Education System [ASMR Advice]

150) Environment, Space, Growth, Education, Math, Censorship, Anime, Movies and much more (Timestamps in Description)

151) Relocating Checklist: Advice for Those Thinking about Moving to Another City or Country [ASMR]

152) Life Planning, Moving, Food, Dreams, Music, Jobs, Growth, Investing, Currencies, Taxes & more [ASMR]

153) Current Events Live Stream Held on February 29, 2020 [Best of, Must Watch, No Timestamps, Not ASMR]

154) Current Events Live Stream Held on March 7, 2020: COVID-19, Coronavirus, Economics, Education, News, Propaganda, Healthcare, UBI, Books, YouTube, Censorship, Movies and more

155) Current Events Live Stream Held on March 13, 2020: Healthcare, Exponential Growth, Medical System, Social distancing, Politics, Economics, Education, Wall Street, Theories, Solutions, Decentralization, Local Communities and more

156) Philosophy Live Stream: Beliefs, Dogmas, Life, Nature, Language, Books, Societies & much more [ASMR]

157) Investing & Personal Finance: Advice, Markets, Trading, Wall Street, Decentralization, Cryptos, Music, Math, Fitness, Health, Good Laughs & more [ASMR]

158) Current Events Live Stream Held on March 22, 2020: Politics, Economics, Health, Math, Movies, Music, Anime & more [ASMR]

159) Current Events Live Stream Held on March 31, 2020: Education, Economy, Bailouts, Wall Street, D.M. Turner (1:45:08) & much more [ASMR]

160) YouTube Premiere of Current Events Live Stream Held on April 5, 2020: COVID-19, Economics, Bailouts, Wall Street, Cash, Currency, Healthcare, Solutions, Education and much more

161) YouTube Premiere of our Live Stream Open Discussion on Investing & Personal Finance Held on April 9, 2020: Bailouts, Wall Street, Stocks, Markets, Crypocurrency, Money, Trading Advice & much more [ASMR]

162) YouTube Premiere of our Live Stream Open Discussion on Education: Problems/Solutions, Home Schooling, Teaching, Technology, Math & more [ASMR]

163) YouTube Premiere of Mental Health Live Stream Open Discussion: Advice on Dealing with Anxiety, Depression, Society, Trauma, Pharmaceuticals and more [ASMR]

164) My Workout Routine: Shoulder Mobility, Tightening Core, Hip Exercises, Staying Fit [ASMR Fitness]

165) Happy 420 Live Stream, Open Discussion, 2020 [ASMR, Male, Soft-Spoken, Celebration, Relaxing]

166) Personal Finance: Defining Work, Advice, Motivation, Technology, Disruptive Innovation & more [ASMR]

167) Current Events: Noise, News, Oil, Plants, Technology, Economy, Music, Data, Food, Resources+ [ASMR]

168) Advice to Those Dealing With Cancer: Thoughts on Cannabis, Radiation and Chemotherapy

169) Defending Wikileaks and Julian Assange from the Propagandized: How to Bring People into the Light

170) How to Be Free: See Corporate Mainstream Media for What It Is, Propaganda

171) How to Fix the World: Open the Books, Repeal Laws: Decentralization Is the Name of the Game

172) Live Stream Current Events Open Discussion Held on May 4, 2020 [Timestamps & Order of Discussion in Description, ASMR]

173) The Good Life: Do Not Submit to Authority, Invest Appropriately, Build Sustainable Societies, Maintain Your Communities

174) Education & Student Debt: Slow Down, Be Aware, Understand the Game at Play [ASMR]

175) Think Long Term: How to Survive a Depression, Diversify Your Income, UBI vs a Job, Handouts vs Working

176) Investing & Personal Finance Live Stream Open Discussion Held on May 6, 2020 [Timestamp in Description, Audio Lag, ASMR]

177) COVID-19 Coronavirus Theories, Part 1... plus Anime & Entheogens - BitChute Exclusive [ASMR]

178) Live Stream Open Discussion on COVID-19 Coronavirus Theories, Part 2... plus 5G & Electromagnetic Radiation - BitChute Exclusive [ASMR]

179) Live Stream Open Discussion on Extraterrestrials, UFOs, Aliens & Other Dimensional Beings [ASMR]

180) Live Stream Open Discussion Held on May 25, 2020: Personal Finance, Investing, Jobs, Growth, Wall Street, Legalization, War & more [ASMR]

181) Our Technology Live Stream Held on May 26, 2020: Gaming, VR, Life extension, Robotics, Social Media Censorship, Technocrats & more [ASMR]

182) Live Stream Open Discussion Regarding George Floyd's Murder, 2020 Protests, Police Brutality, History, Justice, Peace & more (Part 1, Held on Saturday May 30, 2020)

183) Live Stream Open Discussion Regarding George Floyd's Murder, 2020 Protests, Police Brutality, History, Justice, Peace & more (Part 2, Held on Saturday May 31, 2020)

184) Live Stream Open Discussion on Current Events Held on June 8, 2020: Protests, Defunding Police, Racism, Fog of War, Foreign Policy, Education & much more [ASMR]

185) Live Stream Open Discussion on Investing & Personal Finance: Housing, Real Estate, Property, Taxes, Debt, Interest & Credit [ASMR]

186) Live Stream Open Discussion on Current Events Held on June 17, 2020: Global Protests, BLM, Racism, Obama, Libya, Africa, USA, Europe, China, India, War & more [ASMR]

187) Our Live Stream Open Discussion on Current Events Held on June 25, 2020: Protests, Elections, Russia, Power Lies, Calm before Storm, Education & more [ASMR]

188) News Sources: Sharing My News & Information Sources [List in the Description, Recommendations, ASMR]

189) Investing & Personal Finance: be Frugal, Health, Motivation, Needs & Wants, How to Get Things Done & much more [ASMR Advice]

190) COVID-19 Coronavirus Live Stream Open Discussion Held July 22, 2020: Theories & Possibilities, BitChute & SoundCloud Exclusive [ASMR]

191) New Upload to BitChute and Soundcloud: Censorship, Entheogens, Centralization, Elections, Foreign Policy, Environment, War on Drugs and much more (Video is a BitChute Exclusive, Not on YouTube)

192) Current Events Live Stream Discussion Held on July 30, 2020: Elections, Biden, Trump, Assange, Wikileaks, Accountability, Transparency, Animation & more [ASMR]

193) Education: Problems, Solutions, Stories & Experiences, Live Stream Open Discussion [ASMR Advice]

194) Censorship, Social Media, Information, Control, Accountability, Transparency, Power, Free Speech and more [Discussion Held on August 9, 2020]

195) Current Events Live Stream Held on August 10, 2020: Censorship, Decentralization, Media, Austerity, Epstein & Maxwell, Angry Jesus, Comic Books and much more [BitChute Exclusive Video]

196) Investing and Personal Finance Live Stream Held on August 11, 2020: Stocks, Trading, Student Loans, Buying vs. Renting, US Dollar, Movies, SpongeBob, South Park & more [ASMR]

197) Current Events Live Stream Held on August 28, 2020: Reddit, Censorship, War, Patriotism, BLM, MSM Propaganda, 9/11, Iraq and Growing Cannabis [ASMR]

198) Current Events: Censorship, Assange, Propaganda, COVID, Trump, BLM/Violence/Police, Anarchism, History of Humanity, Entheogen and much more [ASMR]

199) Investing and Personal Finance Live Stream Held on September 13, 2020: Investing & Personal Finance: Collectables, Gold, Real Estate, Stocks, Crypto, Cash & more [ASMR]

200) Current Events Discussion Held on September 21, 2020: Elections, Trump/Biden/Hillary, Foreign Policy, Investing, Freedom, Stoicism [ASMR, Video is a BitChute Exclusive]

201) Happy Stream: Let’s Talk about Some of the Positive Things That Are Happening in the World [ASMR]

202) Current Events Live Stream Held on October 6, 2020: Armenia/Azerbaijan/Nagorno-Karabakh, Elections/Trump/Biden, Foreign Policy/Blowback, Education/Math and more [Video is a BitChute Exclusive]

203) Flipping through a Cuban Cigar Catalogue, Part 1 of 2: [ASMR, Male, Soft-Spoken, Show & Tell]

204) Flipping through a Cuban Cigar Catalogue, Part 2 of 2: [ASMR, Male, Soft-Spoken, Show & Tell]

205) Live Stream Held on Twitch on October 8, 2020: Conspiracy Theories, Aliens, Simulation, Holographic Reality, Multiverse, Membrane M-Theory, Matrix and more [ASMR, Video is a BitChute Exclusive]

206) Current Events Live Stream Held on October 26, 2020: Transparency/Censorship/Propaganda, Elections/Trump/Hunter Biden, 420/Courts, Star Trek/Star Wars and much more [Video is a BitChute Exclusive]

207) Investing & Personal Finance: Credit/Wealth, Gold/Bitcoin, Advice/Financial Independence and much more [ASMR, Advice and Stories]

208) Entheogens, Open Discussion #4: Heavy on Salvia Divinorum, Twitch Live Stream held on Oct 28, 2020 [ASMR, Video on a BitChute Exclusive]

209) Current Events Live Stream held on Sunday, November 8: US Election Results/Trump/Biden/Wars/Transparency/Censorship/Propaganda/Entheogens & more [ASMR, Video is a BitChute Exclusive]

210) Celebrating Our 1,000th YouTube Video Upload: Anniversary Q&A Open Discussion and Prizes [ASMR]

211) CGC Golden Age Comic Book Haul & Packaging Anniversary Auctioned Items [ASMR, Soft-Spoken, Tape]

212) Current Events Live Stream held on November 21, 2020: Information Warfare/Conspiracy Theories/COVID/Rights/Laws/Censorship/Whistleblowers/Elections/China and much more [ASMR, Video is a BitChute Exclusive]

213) Investing & Personal Finance: Discussion on Improving & Suggestions on Life Choices & Hobbies [ASMR]

214) Open Discussion on Censorship, Privacy, Surveillance and Cyber Security: Let’s Protect Our Data [ASMR, NOTE: Video is a BitChute Exclusive]

215) Current Events Live Stream Held on December 4, 2020: Armenia-Azerbaijan War, US Elections, Censorship, Education. COVID-19 & Vaccines [NOTE: Video is a BitChute Exclusive]

216) Investing & Personal Finance: The Stock Market, Part 1: Introduction, The Big Picture [ASMR]

217) Current Events Live Stream Held on Dec 18, 2020: Crucifying Julian Assange, COVID-19 Vaccines, Censorship, Centralization of Power & History, Education, Corporate Mainstream Propagandist vs. Reliable Sources of News & Information [Video is a BitChute Exclusive]

218) Current Events Live Stream from Decemeber 26: Nashville Bombing, RussiaGate/WikiLeaks/Assange, DNC/Trump/Biden, COVID-19/Vaccines, Censorship/Cash and more

219) Investing & Personal Finance: Advice/Analysis/Trading/Stocks/Bitcoin/Crypto/Cash/Real Estate & more [ASMR]

220) Best Advice I Can Give Anyone: Support Independent Creators and Be in a State of Wanting

221) How to Improve the World: Decentralize and Come Together Through Our Commonalities

222) Lockdown Analogy: It's like Trying to Get Piss out of Pool Water [BitChute Exclusive]

223) Vote With Your Wallet: The World Is Self-correcting & Improving, Help It Along by Decentralizing

224) Words Are a Weapon & Sentences a Shield. If This Is True, Imagine What an Essay Could Do!

225) Our Current Events Live Stream Held on January 16, 2021: Censorship, Decentralization, Social Media, News & Information, Slavery vs Freedom and much more

226) chycho’s Salvia Divinorum Chronicles, P1: Introduction, 1st Experience, Entheogens Discussion [ASMR]

227) Understanding Wall Street & the Action on GameStop: WallStreetBets, What it All Means (Live Segment)

228) Watching Kittens Sleep & Discussing Education, Motivation, Meditation & Anxiety [ASMR, Cats, Advice]

229) What My Future Plans Are for This Year & Beyond: Decentralization & Sharing Information

230) Why I Got into Creating & Sharing Content, My Engagement Online, Especially the Mathematics

231) Two Short Video Segments Uploaded: Reminder to Become Antifragile & Thoughts Regarding Immigration & Refugees

232) Ten Short Video Segments from Our Human Rights Live Stream

233) Watch This Video to Understand Current Events, Geopolitics, the Markets, Investing & more [ASMR]

234) Current Events Live Stream Held on Feb 25: US Foreign Policy, Personal Finance, Investing, Crypto, Censorship, Decentralization & much more [ASMR]

235) Four Short Segments Related to Personal Finance Pulled from Our Current Events Live Stream Held on Feb 25

236) Four Short Segments from Our Food and Fitness Live Stream, Two Related to Comic Books

237) Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies and the Attempt by Centralized Power to Take Control of Digital Commerce

238) Who I Am: An Introduction to chycho and My Work Online for the Last 16 Years, Blogging Since 2005

239) Two Short Video Segments: Is It Time for Bill Gates to Be Fed to the Wolves? & Future of Ghislaine Maxwell?

240) Mass Murder of Indigenous Children by Church and State at Residential Schools in Canada

241) Current Events Live Stream Held on July 7, 2021: Agent Provocateurs, Haiti, Assange, Lolita Express, Residential Schools, Education, Life Advice and much more... [ASMR]

242) Enjoy the Ride: Instant Gratification Is What Corporations & Centralized Power Sell, Not Real Life

243) Afghanistan's Saigon Moment, Knowing Our History: Everyone Knew It Was Coming, Just a Matter of Time

244) Some Hard Love: How Western World Should Deal with Influx of Refugees from Afghanistan & Elsewhere

245) Three Short Video Segments Shots, Bullies and Relationship Advice

246) Four Video Segments: Africa, Coercing Humanity, 9/11 and Social Anxiety

247) Two Short Video Segments: Transhumanism and Genocidal War in the Caucasus

248) Two Video Segments Regarding Kool-Aids

249) Three Short Video Segments: Gold Standard, The Great Reset, Censorship Free Internet

250) Four Short Video Segments: Monero vs Bitcoin, Climate Change, Community Supported Agriculture and Seeking Information

251) Four Short Video Segments: Mandates, My Body, Afghanistan's Saigon Moment and a Silent Bloodbath

252) Four Video Segments: Julian Assange, Warriors, Fascism and Opportunities

253) Two Short Video Segments: Wars and Centralized Education

254) Four Short Video Segments: Julian Assange, Mathematics, Society and Fungibility of Currency

255) Four Short Video Segments: Useful Idiots, Accountability, Censorship and Mathematics

256) Five Short Video Segments: Afghanistan, Julian Assange, Humanity, Intelligent Enemies and a Quote

257) Four Short Video Segments: Now We Know, George Orwell's 1984 Graphic Novel, Resisting Fascism and Protesting Lockdowns

258) Six Short Video Segments: Fascism, OPCW, War Crimes, Healthcare, Contagious Diseases and Canada

259) Three Short Video Segments: What's Going On?, Being Politically Aware and Resisting

260) Four Short Video Segments: Mandates, Complex System, Afghanistan and Cattle

261) Two Short Video Segments on Personal Finance

262) Three Short Video Segments: Passions, Education and Decentralization

263) Three Video Segments: Languages, Seeking Novelty, Kitty Cat & Cannabis Discussion and Toxoplasmosis

264) Four Short Video Segments: China, Australia, Dividing and Conquering and Collapsing Systems

265) Seven Short Video Segments: Sleeping, Bureaucracy, Hypotheses, Australia, Coercion, Imagination and Standing Your Ground

266) Five Short Video Segments: Politicians, Change, Extinction, Antinatalism and Solutions

267) Two Short Video Segments: What You Should Do and Musicians on the Titanic

268) Teaching Math: The Box Is Getting Smaller and Smaller and My Clientele Is Getting Bigger and Bigger

269) Three Short Video Segments: History, Teaching Math and Playing Drums

270) Four Video Segments: Music and Mathematics, Renting vs Buying Property, Housing & Real Estate and Fluoride in Drinking Water

271) Five Short Video Segments on Bitcoin

272) Four Short Video Segments: Elections, China, Wall Street and Join Our Discord

273) Four Short Video Segments Regarding [Redacted on Blogger]

274) Two Short Video Segments: Salvia Divinorum and Two Book Recommendations

275) Five Short Video Segments: Comic Books, Movies, Anonymity, Decentralization and an Important chycho Update

276) Four Short Video Segments: Breaking Your Heart, The Social Contract, Investigations & Trials and The Great Reset

277) Four Short Video Segments: Eating Cake, Insanity, Moderna and BioNTech and Julian Assange

278) Two Short Video Segments: How Science Works

279) Two Short Video Segments: Centralized Propaganda & Lies and Research by Dr. Jessica Rose

280) New Short Video Segment: Tyranny Ends When...

281) My Comic Book Pull List: Cutting Back on Comics While We Resist Fascism, Update From Canada [ASMR]

282) All Time Favorite Video Games from the Last 40 Years [ASMR Gaming]

283) Three Short Video Segments: Resisting Tyranny, Cannabis and Facebook

284) Three Short Video Segments: SAP Certified, 95% Efficacy and the Commutative Property of Multiplication

285) Four Short Video Segments: Inflation, Property, Bureaucracy & Collapse

286) Two Short Video Segments: What's Going On and Centralized Digital Currencies

287) New Short Video Segment: Title Redacted on Blogger

288) Four Short Video Segments: Update from Canada, Digitizing Our Lives, Never Again and Are You Ready

289) Five Short Video Segments: Canada, Rise, FBI, Homeschooling and Climate Change

290) Three Very Short Video Segments: Centralized Power, Autumn Olives and a Happy Birthday

291) Six Short Video Segments: Humanity, Cockroaches, Bullies, Ghislaine Maxwell & Jeffrey Epstein, Russian Roulette & Risk

292) Stand on the Right Side of History, Resist Tyranny: Be Proud of Who You Are

293) Five Short Video Segments: The Enemy, Centralized Power, COP26, FDA & Free Speech Platforms

294) Five Short Video Segments: Lies, Data, History, Fools and Drinking the Kool-Aid

295) Four Video Segments: Florida, Canada, Unites States and a Story about Tyranny

296) Four Short Video Segments: Left & Right, Moronic Support, Fascism & Twitter

297) Four Short Video Segments: New Tech, Personal Finance, History and NFTs

298) Three Short Video Segments: World War 3, Enslaving Humanity & Hell to Pay

299) Four Short Video Segments: Heavy Price, Become Antifragile, Be Prepared and Total Blackout

300) Four Video Segments: Applying for a Job, Wall Street Profits, Something's Wrong & Accountability

301) Four Short Video Segments: Short Wall Street, Crypto, Metaverse and Real Estate

302) Five Short Video Segments: Critical Mass, Germany, Demise of YouTube, Censorship and Science

303) Fourteen Short Video Segments

304) Five Short Video Segments: Chocolate Peanut Butter Snack, Rise of Humanity, Crucifixion of Julian Assange, EU Bureaucrats and Resistance in Canada

305) Five Short Video Segments: Europe, The Great Reset, Technocrats, Discord and War for Our Minds

306) Five Short Video Segments: Globalists, Humanity, Governments, Technocratics and Bureaucrats

307) Four Short Video Segments: Entheogens & Intentions, DMT vs Salvia Divinorum and Feminine vs Masculine

308) Two Short Video Segments: What We Do and How Did Math Come to Be

309) Four Short Video Segments: Now We Live History, Niemöller's "First They Came", Brutalizing the LGBTQ Community and Standing Your Ground

310) Four Short Video Segments: Good Doctors, Feeling Lucky, Government Corruption and Chaos in the Markets

311) Four Short Video Segments: Cryptocurrencies, Linux, Taxes and Julian Assange

312) Four Short Video Segments: Monetizing Society, Corruption in the System, Chile 1973 and Ghislaine Maxwell's Trial

313) Four Short Video Segments: Monetizing Society, Corruption in the System, Chile 1973 and Ghislaine Maxwell's Trial

314) Three Short Video Segments: Prediction for the Stock Market in 2022, Family Holdings on Wall Street and Shorting Twitter

315) Three Video Segments: Wall Street's Conscience, and Alcoa & Intel Charts

316) Three Short Video Segments: Supply Chain, Margin Debt and Moving Averages [Trading Stocks]

317) Two Video Segments: Example of Looking at Stock Charts, AMD & MTCH [ASMR]

318) Two Video Segments on Interest Rates

319) Two Video Segments: A Canadian Winter Story & The Physics of Falling on Ice

320) This is Canada & We Are Canadians: Background to Brian Peckford's Speech at the Trucker Convoy Rally

321) Four Short Video Segments: Metaverse, Words, Justice and Kazakhstan

322) Five Short Video Segments: Canada's Justin Trudeau, Optimists vs. Pessimists, Ukraine and Russia, Shakespeare and Twitter and Collapsing Legacy Systems

323) Six Short Video Segments: Science, Metaverse, Consent, Spotify, Humanity and Freedom

324) Four Short Video Segments Related to Canada's Trucker Freedom Convoy

325) Four Video Segments: Interest rates, Russia & Ukraine and War Criminals

326) Three Short Video Segments Regarding Joe Rogan and Censorship

327) Four Short Video Segments: Multi-polar World, "Just Doing My Job", Extremism Breeds Extremism and Our Community

328) Four Short Video Segments: Collapsing Systems, Centralized Healthcare, Understanding Canada and a Game Changer

329) Three Short Video Segments: Injured Must Rise, Brainwashed by Facebook and High Energy Prices

330) Understanding the Russian Ukrainian War: Reason Why Russia Invaded Ukraine, Context & History

331) Five Short Video Segments on Investing & Personal Finance [ASMR]

332) Three Short Video Segments on Investing & Personal Finance [ASMR]

333) Many Positive Things Happening in the World: Eyes on the Prize, the Energy of the Awakening [ASMR]

334) Three Short Video Segments: Trading Stocks, Leftist Tyrants and Collapse of Canadian Banking System

335) How I Got Into Creating ASMR Content, Audio & Videos [Beard Story Time]

336) Beard Dating Story: Facial Hair Discussion and Advice [ASMR]

337) Four Short Video Segments on Censorship

338) Four Short Video Segments: The Borg, Injustice, Cancel Culture and Russia Ukraine War

339) Four Short Video Segments: Morality, Censorship, Free Speech and What It Means to Be Alive

340) Ben & Chycho Talk about Life, ASMR, Education, Music, Economics, Geopolitics, Society, Math & More

341) Three Short Video Segments: Fear, Calculus and Life

342) Three Short Video Segments on Elon Musk and Twitter

343) Four Short Video Segments: Globalists, Psychopaths, Punisher and Russia Kills the US Petrodollar

344) Five Short Video Segments: Right to Work, Kyrie Irving, Becoming Antifragile, Canadian Healthcare and WEF Globalists

345) Four Short Video Segments: Favorite Horror Movie, The Laptop, The Puppet and the Maidan Color Revolution

346) Four Short Video Segments: Housing Bubble, Wall Street Scam, WEF Technocratic and Dealing With Monsters

347) Five Short Video Segments: WEF Globalists, Inflation & Interest Rates, Clown World, Russia's Contemporary History & the Laptop Story

348) Three Short Videos Regarding Elon Musk's Attempted Takeover of Twitter

349) Three Video Segments: Political Book Recommendations, Apartheid in Canada and Cancelling Cowboy Bebop

350) Three Short Video Segments: Censorship vs. Free Speech, Elon Musk Buying Twitter and Justice Should Not Be Denied

351) Five Short Video Segments: Escaping Tyranny, Food Security, Crucifying Truth Tellers, Totalitarianism In Perspective and When the Masses Rise

352) Five Short Video Segments: WEF's Transhumanism, NATO vs Russia, Real War, Monetary Policy and Build Back Better Honesty

353) Three Short Video Segments: Joe Biden, Donald Trump and Cause of Societies Ills

354) Three Short Video Segments: Quantum Mechanics & AI, Zelensky & Obama and War & Trade Agreements

355) Three Short Video Segments: Cannabis Harvest and Vape, Antarctica and Now We Know

356) My Happy 420 Snacks, and Some Random Discussions [ASMR, Male, Soft-Spoken, Eating]

357) Three Video Segments: Vaporizer Discard, Cleaning Your Pipes and My New Laptop Unboxing

358) Three Short Video Segments: BitCoin Price, Reddit Ban and Comic Books

359) Four Short Video Segments: Elon Musk & Twitter, Censorship & Twitter's Future and What's So Bad About The World Economic Forum

360) Six Short Video Segments: WEF Collaborators, The Divide, The Other, Politicians & Bureaucrats, Cost of Progress and Drinking The WEF Kool-Aid

361) Three Short Video Segments: Ministry Of Truth, France Elections and Clown World Ad Infinitum

362) Three Short Video Segments: Global Recession, Collapsing Canadian Healthcare and a Warning to the UK

363) Two Short Video Segments: Know Thy Enemy and Dangerous People

364) Two Short Video Segments: Bad Trips and Comic Book Haul #62

365) Five Short Video Segments: Accountability, Collapse, Currencies, Philosophy and Entheogens

366) Four Short Video Segments on Salvia Divinorum

367) Four Short Video Segments: Mushroom Tea, Old & Bold, Gambling & Entheogens and ASMR

368) Two Video Segments: Oil & Energy, Housing & Interest Rates

369) Five Short Video Segments: Cash Is King, Croatia Adopting Euro, WHO Pandemic Treaty, World War 3 and Russia Ukraine War

370) Six Short Video Segments: Russia-Ukraine War, Electric Vehicles, Banking Collapse, a Story, Canada and the Unforgivable

371) Five Short Video Segments: Anime, History, Noncompliance and Two Questions

372) Four Video Segments: Monkeypox, Shattering the Mind, Humanity's Rights and Reading Albert Einstein On the Toilet

373) Five Video Segments: Canada, The Triggered, WEF Agents, Finland & Sweden and Human Knowledge

374) Seven Video Segments: Injected, CDC, WHO, Gates, Book Recommendation, DJ Löblová and a Mushroom Story

375) Seven Short Video Segments: Canada, Stress, Causes, Censorship, Tyranny, Garden and Globalists

376) Five Short Video Segments: Snacks Advice, Data, Good Laughs, Disney's Star Wars and Croatia [ASMR]

377) Five Short Video Segments: Learning Math, Life Advice, Grass for Cats, Read C.S. Lewis and Salute to the Mods

378) Four Video Segments: Test Your Mettle, How To Study, Bitcoin a Psyop and Be True to Your Art

379) Six Video Segments: Russian Oil, Bitcoin Anonymity, Collapsing Economy, Russian Ruble and the Ukraine War

380) Four Short Video Segments: Biden Administration, Doubling Down, Cultural Differences and Julian Assange

381) Seven Short Video Segments: Bitcoin/Stock Market/Gold/Oil Price Targets, Boycotting Russia, Resisting Tyranny, Justin Bieber and Justin Trudeau Admiring the CCP/China

382) Four Short Video Segments: Plants on Our Patio Garden and Some Canada Related Soundbites on This Canada Day

383) Seven Short Video Segments: Jair Bolsonaro, Rowan Atkinson, Favorite Cubans, Tobacco Ash, Left & Right and 'Come and See' My Favorite War Movie

384) Four Short Video Segments: Twitter, Bob Marley, Julian Assange and Time

385) Five Short Video Segments: Bodily Autonomy, Donkeys & Jackasses, Roe vs. Wade, Update From Canada and Fighting Back

386) Three Short Video Segments: 4chan, Bank for International Settlements and Trump

387) Four Short Video Segments: What's in a Name, Julian Assange, Centralized Schooling and Eating Flowers

388) Four Video Segments: Working as a Geophysicist, Move from Discord to Guilded and Where Is Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein Client List?

389) Four Short Video Segments: Eating Flowers & Black Currents, Vegetarian vs Eating Meat, Cuban Cigars and Our Sterile Environment

390) How To Talk to People About Sensitive Topics? Focus on the Economics & Personal Finance Perspective

391) Five Short Video Segments: Atari's Pong, Canadian Government, Sun Tanning, John Scofield & Serj Tankian and the CDC & FDA

392) Three Short Video Segments: Economic Warfare, Eating KFC and Systemic Corruption

393) Three Short Video Segments: Self Employed, Soundbites and Sanctions on Russia

394) Three Short Video Segments: Math, Health and Shedding

395) Four Short Video Segments: DNA, LGBTQ, Board Games and Geddy Lee's Voice

396) Five Short Video Segments: Chemtrails, Weather Modifications, Waking People Up, Putin's Warning and Finding Courage

397) Four Short Video Segments: Complex Systems, Waging War, Waking Up and Dealing with Bullies

398) Five Short Video Segments: Boycotts, Julian Assange, Sharing Is Caring, Wealth and Monkeypox

399) Five Video Segments: TikTok, Walking Barefoot, Cruelty, Cooking With and Harvesting Unripened Grapes

400) Four Video Segments: Pelosi Visiting Taiwan, Sleeping Advice and Harvesting More Unripened Grapes

401) Four Video Segments: Sleeping Advice, Entheogens and Dreams, Freedom and Harvesting More Unripened Grapes

402) Three Short Video Segments: UFOs, Demons and Mushrooms

403) Three Short Video Segments: Morning Ritual, CensorTube Update and Mental Health Concerns in Canada

404) Four Short Video Segments: Humanity, Darwinism, Inflation and WEF Agents

405) Four Short Video Segments: Rushdie to Assange, TwitchCon, CDC and How to Fix Our Societies

406) Four Short Video Segments: Masks, Gymnastics, Bureaucrats and Trump

407) Four Short Video Segments: Digestive System, Western Medicine, Demonizing Cannabis and a Peaceful Revolution

408) Six Short Video Segments: Important Story, Life & Death, Holland & Canada, Flash Flooding, Biden Administration and Severity of the Situation

409) Six Short Video Segments: Government, Subsidies, Taxes, Regulation, TDS and Eating Watermelons With Cheese

410) Five Short Video Segments: Traveling, Propaganda, Idiots, Wasps and Julian Assange

411) Two Short Video Segments: Black Aphids in Our Patio Garden and Construction Sounds [ASMR]

412) Three Short Video Segments: Independent Creators, Anthony Fauci and Covid Protocol

413) Three Short Video Segments: CensorTube, Snacks and Julian Assange

414) Four Short Video Segments: Boxing History, Making Wine, Andrew Tate and Advice to the "Woke"

415) Four Short Video Segments: Two Beautiful Cups, Student Loan Forgiveness, Graduating From High-School and Wall Street Bailouts

416) Four Short Video Segments: Diet, Food Shortages, Climate Police and Lobsters and Bugs

417) Two Short Video Segments: Freeing Julian Assange and Creating a Lovely Ambience

418) Two Short Video Segments: Be Frugal and Join Our Guilded Server

419) Two Video Segments: Happy Birthday to Eldergod and Trusted News & Information Sources

420) Three Short Video Segments: Financial Advice, #1 Rule of Investing and Family Is Short The Markets

421) Five Short Video Segments: Solar Companies, Surviving the Collapse, Eating the Rich, Judging People and an Armenian Proverb

422) Four Short Video Segments: Cold Winter, Banned from TikTok, Picking Blackberries and Growing Money

423) Why We Need a Peaceful Revolution

424) Six Short Video Segments: Currency Wars, Caucasus, UBI, Decentralization, Germany and Chaos!

425) Five Short Video Segments: Germany & Russia, Deindustrialization, Italy, United States & Canada and Modern-Day Brownshirts

426) Four Short Video Segments: Student Debt and Loan Forgiveness, Dangerous Times and Dangerous People

427) Six Short Video Segments: Kanye West, Dangerous Times, Weak Trolls, Equitable Immigration Policy, Housing Market and Schitt's Creek

428) Four Short Video Segments: New Tech, Elon Musk, Censored Society and the Western Ruling Class

429) Four Short Video Segments: Russian Energy, European Ruling Class, Future of Humanity and Extortion

430) Two Short Video Segments: Canada On the Verge of Collapse and Our New Favorite Insult

431) Three Short Video Segments: Cause of Inflation, a Funny Story and Our Education System

432) Three Video Segments: A Ronald Reagan Joke, Automation & Population Growth and Comic Book Haul #67

433) Four Short Video Segments: Leftoids, Malcolm X, Waking up and NO AMNESTY!

434) Three Short Video Segments: Accountability, Amnesty and How to Forgive Yourself

435) Four Short Video Segments: WikiLeaks ASMR Readings, Bob Ross, Liquidity Drop and Kanye West

436) Two Short Video Segments: Cannabis & Prohibition

437) Three Video Segments: Eating Bugs, Bear Markets and Cash Is King

438) Three Video Segments: Midterm Elections, FTX and the No Oil Agenda

439) Three Video Segments: A Ronald Reagan Joke, Automation & Population Growth and Comic Book Haul #67

440) My Introduction & Apprenticeship With Salvia Divinorum: A Story About Fear, The Mind Killer

441) Four Short Video Segments: Kanye Ye West, Censorship, Love and Bad Guys

442) Two Short Video Segments: Biblical Kanye Ye West Loves Everybody and Is Walking With Jesus

443) Five Video Segments: Twitter Files, Stock Market, Dark Times, War on Humanity and Staying Informed

444) Three Short Video Segments: Reality and Gravity, Flat Earth Theory and a Geophysics Story

445) Shah of Iran From 1976 Echoing the Words of Kanye Ye West From 2022: History & the Lobby

446) Five Video Segments: Western Propaganda, Shah of Iran, Centralization of Power, The Double-Cross and Iranian Protests

447) Four Short Video Segments: Iran & Egypt, MBS & Saudi Arabia, China & Russia and and Iranian Nursery Rhyme for Bald People

448) Two Short Video Segments: Neutrality and Life Advice

449) Four Short Video Segments: Life Advice, Large Cities, Conspiracy Theory vs. Fact and Letterman-Zelensky Interview

450) Four Short Video Segments: Education Advice, WW3 Pending, Sweden Joining NATO and Control of Russia’s Resources

451) Four Short Video Segments: Twitter Files, YouTube, Staying True to Yourself and Building Societies on Free Speech

452) Four Short Video Segments: Up to Date, Art, Tate & Assange and Just Imagine What We Don’t Know

453) Three Short Video Segments: Internet History, Metallica vs Napster and Sentient vs. Machine Learning AI

454) This Is How Bad Trump Derangement Syndrome Is With Low IQ People: Total Disconnect From Reality TDS

455) Three Video Segments: Collapse of Centralized Education, Example of How Bad It Is and It Sucks by Design

456) Three Short Video Segments: Education, Love and Math & Science

457) Greta Thunberg vs. a Climate That Keeps On Changing

458) Three Video Segments: Empathy, Monsters and No Amnesty

459) Three Video Segments: Facebook, Healthcare and the Markets

460) BC Nurse Speaks Out Regarding Collapse of Healthcare in Canada: Bureaucrats Destroying Our Societies

461) Five Short Video Segments: Good Nurses, Bodily Autonomy, Collapse of Healthcare, Amnesty and Status in Society

462) Five Video Segments: Eating Bugs, Digestive System, World War 3, Attempted Genocide and Investing in Times of War

463) Three Video Segments: NAFTA, Entheogens and Central Bank Digital Currency

464) Two Video Segments: Credit Cards, Cash and CBDCs

465) Four Short Video Segments: Cats & Countertops, Interest Rates & Unemployment, AI Generated Art and Saving the Planet

466) Six Short Video Segments on Alcohol, Prohibition and Being Pro-Human

467) Three Short Video Segments: Life Advice, Never Let Them Forget and Scott Adams Apology

468) Five Video Segments: Ukraine-Russia War, Boiling the Frog, WEF, Poland and Kick Starting World War III

469) Four Video Segments: Getting a Job, Personal Finance Advice. Cliff Jumping Story and Warning

470) Six Video Segments: Richter Scale, Plate Tectonics, Chasing Earthquakes, Seafloor Spreading, Magnetic Pole Flipping and Ions Moving

471) Five Video Segments: Europe's History, Ukraine Civil War, Russia's SMO, Sierra Leone and Armenia

472) Three Video Segments: Staying Informed, Peace Is the Name of the Game and History of NATO's War on Russia

473) Five Short Video Segments: Divide & Conquer, the Average Person, Lowest Common Denominator, Woke Culture and East Palestine, Ohio Train Derailment

474) Five Short Video Segments: Education, Peace, Research, Sources and Mass Formation Psychosis

475) Three Video Segments: Pete Buttigieg's Disgusting Comments, Obama Drinking Water in Flint and East Palestine, Ohio Train Derailment

476) Four Video Segments: War Movies, Democide, Collapse and Dissent

477) Five Video Segments: Biometrics, Relocation, Balkanization, Information and Pending Civil Wars

478) Four Short Video Segments: Pomegranates, CensorTube, Education and Homeschooling

479) Eight Video Segments: CBDC, Color Revolutions, Canada, Zelensky, Erdogan, Clinton, Afghanistan & Syria and Sergey Lavrov

480) Six Short Video Segments: Conflicts, Geopolitics, Crimea, Sustainability, Clowns and Yes or No Questions

481) Four Video Segments: Geophysics, Bangladesh and Mapping 40 Years of War (United States vs Russia, Global Conflicts Part 4)

482) Four Video Segments: Julian Assange, Censoring Words, Cheap Money and SVB Collapse

483) Five Video Segments: Julian Assange, Trading Crypto, Investing in a Company, Building Communities and Collapse by CBDC

484) Four Video Segments: Bureaucrats, Mortgages, Hyperinflation and US Dollar

485) Three Short Video Segments: Automation, Economy and Calculus

486) Five Video Segments: Iraq, Geopolitics, Iran, War and Celebrating Persian New Year in Iran

487) Five Video Segments: Freedom, CBDCs, Collapse, Education and Decentralize

488) Six Video Segments: Death, Politics, Humans, Clowns, Lockdowns and Tyrants

489) Four Video Segments: Canadian WEF Puppets, Obama Worshipers, Leftoids and the Illuminati

490) Four Video Segments: BRICS, Life Advice, Vices and Justin Trudeau is F___ed

491) Eight Video Segments: Patio Garden, Economy, WEF Puppets, Retirement, Cash, Men, Cigars and Freedom

492) Five Video Segments: Julian Assange, AOC, Victim Society, Woke "Equality" & Cancel Culture

493) Three Short Video Segments: Words, Censorship and the Social Contract

494) Four Video Segments on Julian Assange

495) Eight Video Segments: Survival, France, Germany, Europe, NATO, Ukraine, Climate Change and Trump vs. Biden

496) Six Video Segments: Pharmaceuticals, Education, NPCs, Society, Canada and Getting Kicked Out of Restaurant

497) Five Video Segments: Disclaimer, PSA, Time, Youth and Being Gifted

498) Six Video Segments: Graham Hancock, Uniformitarianism, Sal Cameo, Trip Reports, Eddie G's Cupcakes and 18 minutes of a Happy 420 Life Discussion

499) Seven Video Segments: Roger Waters, Julian Assange, Tucker Carlson, Cigar Lounges, Gonzalo Lira, Extinction Rebellion and The Important Things in Life

500) Five Video Segments: Inheriting Money, Financial Advice, Coca-Cola, Canada and Trolls & NPCs

501) Three Video Segments: Demise of the United States, Assassination of John F. Kennedy and Gaslighting of Robert F. Kennedy

502) Six Video Segments: Wrinkles, Health, Wealth, Cash, Automation and Follow the Money

503) Seven Video Segments: Relationships, Protests, Healthcare, East Germany, Canada, Truckers and the Woke

504) Five Video Segments: Elections, Alcohol, Drinking, Bongs and the 1990's

505) Three Video Segments: California Collapsing, CBDC Rollout and George Orwell’s 1984 Message

506) Six Video Segments: Sudan, Guantanamo Bay, Libya, Middle East, Europe and Banana Republics

507) Four Video Segments: Coca-Cola, Balkanization, Europe and the Calculus

508) Six Video Segments: Habits, Migrants, Astana, Geopolitics, Africa and BS Western Statistics

509) Five Video Segments: Stats, Scorched Earth, Reading Books, Eating Hamburger and the Recipe

510) Three Video Segments: Torch Lighter, Cuban Cigars and Organic Farming

511) Seven Video Segments: Ukraine, USA, Changes, Gen Xers, Communities, Inspiration and Adjusting

512) Eight Video Segments: ChatGPT, AI, Wisdom, Andrew Tate, Martha Steward, You, Bear Spray and Three Movies

513) Seven Video Segments: Bottom Teeth, Mercury Fillings, Raccoon Poop, Seasonal Allergies, Kuku Recipe, Gardening and The Brick

514) Six Video Segments: Bakhmut, War, RFK Jr., Taxes, Freedom and Liberals

515) Seven Video Segments: Soros, AOC, Canada, Healing, WEF, the System and The Club of Rome

516) Four Video Segments: UFOs, Aliens, Previous Civilizations and "The Truth"

517) Ten Video Segments: Americas, Time, Routine, Cigars, Diversify, Trading, Bubbles, Real Estate, Tyranny and Decentralization

518) Eleven Video Segments: John Wick, Detroit Techno, CensorTube Censorship, Authenticity, Zombie Apocalypse, Psychopaths, Salvia Divinorum, Transhumanism, The Agenda, Focus and a Short Introduction to chycho

519) Five Video Segments: Julian Assange, Trudeau, Canada, Democracy and Rewarding Jobs

520) Four Video Segments: Jack Kirby vs. Stan Lee, Julian Assange, Broken Hearts and New Commands on Our Twitch Channel

521) Four Video Segments: Cigars in Canada, UK’s Boris Johnson, Plants We’re Growing and Hope for Humanity

522) Four Video Segments: Depleted Uranium, Chefs, Eating Ceviche and Censored vs Free Speech Platforms

523) Three Video Segments: Canada, Realpolitik and Kindness

524) Six Video Segments: Rats, Plants, Carbon, Education, RIP and the Woke

525) Four Video Segments: Bill Hicks, Taking a Vacation, Tyrannical Ideologies and the LGBTQ Community

526) Eight Video Segments: Farage, Greta, Amazing Times, Monsters, Social Media, Ketamine, Entheogens & Dealing With Trauma

527) Six Video Segments: Mapping World Conflicts, Sanctioning the World, Technological Supremacy, Intellectual Property, Collapse of Europe and Sweden

528) Four Video Segments: “Putin Bad”, Unnecessary War, Ukrainians in a Mine Field and You So Dumb, You Go to War?

529) Four Video Segments: Fluoride, Biden, Unions and Self Defense

530) Four Video Segments: Happy Birthday, Favorite Music, Favorite Comic Book Artists and Gerald Brom & Zdzislaw Beksinski

531) Four Video Segments: Mulberry Picking Story, Math Update, Consciousness and Failure

532) Four Video Segments: Old School Vegas, Craps Table Story, Job Advice and RFK Jr.'s Statement Regarding Hard Assets

533) Four Video Segments: Iranian Fruit, Datura Nectar, Patio Garden and Food Discussion [ASMR]

534) Five Video Segments: Canada, Democide, Climate Change, Fentanyl and Sleepy Kitty Cat Veeya

535) Kitty Cats & Salvia Divinorum: Salvia Trip Report, Fear & Laughter & Crossing Into the Realm [ASMR]

536) Two Salvia Divinorum Trip Report Video Segments: Panicky Dude vs. Speedy Dude

537) Three Video Segments: Tamara Lich, Supply Chain and Mental Health

538) Three Video Segments: The System, Demonizing Discussion and the Injected

539) Five Video Segments: WEF Agenda, Bill Gates, Julian Assange, Life-Work Balance and Relationship Advice

540) Four Video Segments: War on Cannabis, Sexing Plants, Harvesting & Eating Grapes and Tomatoes

541) Five Video Segments: No Amnesty, Canadian Nurses, Mandate Supporters, True Friends and Having a Solid Moral Compass

542) Four Video Segments: US Civil War, Niger Pipeline, Corporate Media and Ukraine vs. Iraq Wars

543) Six Video Segments: International Cooperation, Western World, WW3, Nigeria, Enemy of Humanity and Decentralized Systems

544) Six Video Segments: Homeschooling, Covidian Chant, Homelessness in Canada, Healthy Life, Wealth and Climate Change

545) Five Video Segments: Canadian Nanny State, Canadian Elections, Canadian Mortgages, Maxime Bernier Fighting Tyranny and Canadian Resistance

546) Five Video Segments: Canadian Tyranny, Peacefully Fierce, Democide, Weak Men & Sigma Males

547) Five Video Segments: Moderna, Investing, Education, Europe and Gardening

548) Two Videos on Crucifying Russell Brand

549) Four Video Segments: Talking Politics, CBDCs, Western World Collapsing and Inflation

550) Six Video Segments: Financial Independence, Personal Finance, Foreign Policy, Google Search, The Economist and Julian Assange

551) Six Video Segments: Ren & Stimpy, Canadian Joke, Motivation, Passion, Ignorance and Kitty Cat Communication

552) Two Video Segments: Tobacco Leaf Harvest and Mental Health Advice

553) Four Video Segments: Boxing Analogy, Taking an F’n Break, Dancing All Night and Seasonal Work

554) Seven Video Segments: Canadians, Freedom, AIDS, Detox, Medicine, ASMR Videos and Our Part

555) Eight Video Segments: Government, Censors, Cancel Culture, Cryptos, Corporate Lackeys, Cannabis, Kitty Cats and Happy Birthday Eldergod

556) Five Video Segments: Gardening, TDS, Trump, Oligarchs and BlackRock

557) Israel & Palestine, World War 3 Update: Iran, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Caucasus, Syria, China

558) Four Video Segments: WW3, Tyranny, Bullies and the Truth Being Revealed

559) Three Short Video Segments on Canada’s Nazi Problem [See Links in Descriptions for Sources and Further Information]

560) Five Video Segments: Kitty Cats, Tobacco Harvest, Detoxing, Reading Comics and Comic Book Haul #79

561) Four Video Segments: China & Taiwan, Turkey & Iran, Canada Bureaucracy and Inflation at 50%

562) Four Video Segments: Understanding of Geopolitics, Iran's Doesn't Need Nukes, Palestinian Refugees and Peace in the Middle East

563) Six Video Segments: Europe, China, Hamas, Gaza, Inflation and Liberty

564) Five Video Segments: Communism vs. Fascism, Armenia, Atrocities, BRICS and Diplomacy

565) Seven Video Segments: Religion, Love, Ignorance, Sleep, Learning Mathematics, Math Streams and CensorTube

566) Four Video Segments: Global War, Gaza vs Iraq in 2003, Israel & Pfizer and What Really Took Place?

567) Five Video Segments: Julian Assange, Patriot Act, Nuclear Weapons, Turkey’s Erdogan and a Holy War

568) Five Video Segments: Iran, 9/11, Israel, World War III & Eastern Europe

569) Three Video Segments: Edward Snowden, Ads on CensorTube and Recycling

570) Israel & Palestine: Pipelines, Leviathan Gas Field, Ben Gurion Canal, Resources, Global Trade & War

571) Five Video Segments: Words, Hamas, Gaza, BDS and Israeli Settlements

572) Seven Video Segments: WW3, Multipolarity, Nukes, Occupation, Genocide, Peace and Power

573) Four Video Segments: People United, Bankers Wars, Israel's Suicide Pact and a Holy War

574) Six Video Segments: Israel, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kurdistan, United States Draft and Power

575) Four Video Segments: European Resource Wars, Independent News Sources, Censorship and Free Speech

576) Two Video Segments: Book Recommendations and CensorTube Comments

577) Two Movie Reviews: The Dirty Dozen (1967) and Cocaine Bear (2023)

578) Three Movie Reviews: The Muppet Movie (1979), Tropic Thunder (2008) and The Banshees of Inisherin (2022)

579) Two Video Segments: Break Apart Scar Tissue After Surgery and Dealing with Hardship & Suffering (Health Advice)

580) Rolling a Blunt With Home Grown Organic Tobacco & Cannabis From Our 2023 Harvest [How to ASMR]

581) Four Video Segments: US Military Bases, World in Chaos, Tyranny in Canada and the New Hitler Youth

582) Six Video Segments: Yemen, Boris, Russia, Ukraine, Switzerland and WW3

583) Four Video Segments: Israel, Europe, Africa and Canada

584) Four Video Segments: Canada, San Francisco, Torture and Mass Migration

585) Four Video Segments: Right Side of History, The “New” Pneumonia, Collapse of Canada and a Math Update

586) Four Video Segments: Sal & Veeya, Peeling Garlic, Roasted Garlic and Cash Is King

587) Five Video Segments: Grief, Beards, a story, Movies and Honey

588) Four Video Segments: US Elections, Canadian Elections, Argentina's Peso and Demonized by NPCs

589) Three Video Segments: Russia-Ukraine, Israel-Palestine and Born Again Christians

560) Five Video Segments: 2023 to 2024, Survival Advice, Babylon 5, Great Awakening and Weeping for Humanity

561) Eight Video Segments: Houthis, Africa, Mass Migration, Fourth Turning, Crypto, Privacy, Survival and Career Path

562) Two Video Segments: Living In Canada and Canadian Education

563) Three Video Segments: Teaching Kids on the Spectrum, Investing in Our Children and My Math Videos [Education & Homeschooling]

564) Five Video Segments: Yemen, Israel, Ukraine, Zionist Death Cults and NYC Hasidic Jews

565) Three Video Segments: Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell and Lifting the Veil With Whitney Webb

566) Eight Video Segments: Democide, Sadness, Injected, Amazing Times, Prepping, Knowing Thyself, Life Lessons and Procrastination

567) Five Video Segments: Trump, Assange, Trump Rookie, Election Integrity and Dennis Kucinich & Ron Paul

568) Five Video Segments: Infinite Money, Bitcoin ETF, Banks & Crypto, Comic Hauls and Pomegranate Video Story

569) Four Video Segments: RIP Gonzalo Lira, Russian-Ukrainian War, “Putin Bad” and West Collapsing Economically

570) Israel and Palestine History: Rapid Recap From 1948 To Present

571) Four Video Segments: Iran & Its Allies, Ireland & Israel, NATO & Russia and Ecuador & Julian Assange

572) Five Video Segments: Russia-Ukraine War, NATO vs Russia, Scorched Earth, Russia’s Future Looks Amazing and BRICS Rising

573) Four Video Segments: Taiwan Elections, Mass Migration, Canadian Tyranny and Europe Collapsing

574) Why I Stopped Going to Movie Theaters, Felt Violated When Forced To Watch Commercials

575) Five Video Segments: ADHD, Math, Dreams, Music and Education

576) Four Video Segments: Roger Waters, Pink Floyd, Canadians Buying on eBay and Book Haul

577) Two Video Segments: D.M. Turner and Name This Movie

578) Tucker Carlson’s Putin Interview: Globalist Agenda, Ukraine, Nazis, Oligarchs Collapsing West

579) Five Video Segments: Russia vs. NATO, Demilitarize Europe, Ukraine Endgame, Western Media and Denazification

580) Five Video Segments: Putin Bad, Low IQ, Power, Civil War and War With Iran

581) Five Video Segments: Trump, Tyranny, Freemasonry, Reddit and Guilded

582) Three Video Segments: Trump Cards, ASMR subReddit and James O’Keefe & Julian Assange

583) Five Video Segments: Julian Assange, Canadians NPCs, Scott Ritter, Eliminating CIA and Iran-Contra Hearings

584) Classic Canadian Bullying Story From 1979, With an Iranian Twist

585) Three Video Segments: Julian Assange, BlackRock and Nuclear Energy

586) "Aaron Bushnell’s Divine Violence”: Israel’s Genocide in Gaza Supported by United States of America

587) Four Video Segments: Turkey, Traitors, RFK Jr. and Ukraine

588) Five Video Segments: Hunker Down, Sick Societies, Beauty of Humanity, Waking Normies and Resisting Tyranny Is Self-Care

589) Five Video Segments: Dune, Currency, Anarchy, Censorship and Humanity

590) Four Video Segments: Children, Apple Sauce, Degrees and Careers

591) Four Video Segments: Julian Assange, Eating Bugs, Genocide Joe and Jesus Christ

592) Four Video Segments: Addiction, Parents, GEB and Song of Solomon 7

593) Three Video Segments: Haiti, Europe and Israel

594) Six Video Segments: Mass Migration, EU Army, EU Taxes, France Civil War, Egypt & Jordan and ISIS an Israel Proxy

595) Three Video Segments: Israel, Zionism and Genocide

596) Four Video Segments: Iran, Yemen, Canada and Tyranny

597) Six Video Segments: Monsters, Knowledge, Antifragile, Tyranny, Anarchy and Decentralization

598) Four Video Segments on Canada: Tyranny, Bankruptcy and a Dystopian Society Collapsing

599) Five Video Segments: 'Russia Bad', Trump & the CIA & the Injections, Nord Stream Pipelines and TikTok Ban

600) Five Video Segments: Humanity, Red Rats, Censorship, Climate Change Agenda and Serj Tankian Simping

601) Six Video Segments: Dead Internet, BitChute, Cash, Fear, Meditation and Self Control

602) Four Video Segments: Cigar, Gardening, Music and Comic Books

603) Three Video Segments: Moscow Terror Attack, Western Tyrants and Zionists Murdered Israel

604) Five Video Segments: Israeli Genocide, Boycotting Israel, Elon Musk, Jordan Peterson and ISIS

605) Five Video Segments: Veil Lifted, Internal Fighting, United States, Escaping Tyranny & More Comic Book Hauls

606) Five Video Segments: Canada, Canadians, Ireland, Squatters and Low IQ Red Lab Rats

607) Six Video Segments: Advice, Families, Relationships, Books, Technology and Eating Hamburgers

608) Seven Video Segments: Red Cows, Red Rats, Oct 7 vs. March 22, Going to Hell, WW3 Update, Fascist Nation and Support for Genocide Collapsing

609) Four Video Segments: Jews vs. Zionists, Dealing With Israel, Iran & Nukes and a Summary of Where We Are

610) Five Video Segments: Yemen, West Collapsing, Globalist Plans, Iron Curtain Rising and Technocratic Censorship

611) Five Video Segments: Canadian MPs, Canada Collapsing, Lazy People, Bubble Market and Community Banking

612) Two Financial Advice Video Segments: Learn How Economic Systems Function and Learn by Doing

613) Four Video Segments: Israel Bombing Iranian Embassy, Israel’s Little Man Syndrome, Witness Genocide and Workers Feeding the Starving Hunted & Murdered

614) Five Video Segments: Western Journalists, Boris Johnson, Ukrainian Casualties, Russian Victory and NATO the Paper Tiger

615) Four Video Segments: Occult Beliefs, Truth Social, Old YouTube and Canadian Mosquitoes

616) Five Video Segments: BC Bud Story, Cannabis & Weightlifting, Vaping, Food and Honey Garlic Update

617) Four Video Segments: They Live Fight Scene, Fellowship of the Chychonians, Lord of the Rings Mushroom Trip Report and Watching Apocalypse Now

618) Seven Video Segments: Iran’s Retaliation, Lavender AI System, Mad Dogs, Exposing Traitors, Zionist Israel, Morality and Christian Zionists

619) Seven Video Segments: Armenians, Zionists, Family, Relationships, Jews, BDS and ‘Good Germans’

620) Six Video Segments: 9/11, Samovars, Government Lies, Ivermectin, Canadians and Collapse of Canada

621) Four Video Segments: Food, Book, Movies and Happy 420!

622) Three Video Segments: Who’s Lying, Cost of War and Enemies of Humanity

623) Four Video Segments: Mass Migration, Shah of Iran Worshipers, Mohammad Mosaddegh and Zionist Israel

624) Three Movie Review Segments: They Live, Pi and The Lord of the Rings

625) Three Movie Review Segments: Dredd (2012), Interstellar (2014) and I.D. (1995)

626) Three Video Segments: Why Canada Fell, Centralized Power and Some Hard Love

627) Four Video Segments: Pending Collapse, Live As You Please, Preventing Tyranny and Transitional Periods

628) Four Video Segments: Happy 420 Snacks and How To Control and Satisfy the Cannabis Munchies

629) Seven Video Segments: Vaping Cannabis, Arizer Solo, Joints, Roaches, Sex Organs, Kitty Cat and Fallout TV Series

630) Unprecedented Times: 1980s vs 2024, Israeli Massacre vs Genocide, Collapse USSR vs Western Hegemony

631) Three Video Segments: Maintain Good Mental Health, Make Detailed Will and Invest in Tangible Assets

632) Three Video Segments: Tom Bearden on Maxwell's Equations, Dave Stevens Betty Page and Our Kitty Cat, Sal

633) Boycott Israel & All Things Israeli, Do Not Associate or Trade With Genocidal Psychopaths: BDS

634) Five Video Segments: Zionists, Red Rats, Hard Times, Collapse and United States Elections

635) Five Video Segments: Demise of Canada, Bubbles Bursting, Thought Crime, Banning Human Emotion and Canadian Elections

636) Seven Video Segments: Intelligence, Family, Wokeness, Anger, Equality, Obama and Putin Bad

637) Five Video Segments: Hopelessness, Cigar Humidors, Aurora Borealis, UFOs and Mathematics of Salvia Divinorum

638) Five Video Segments: Follow the Money, Putin-Xi Hug, US Dollar, Depopulation & AI and Red Rats

639) Four Video Segments: Mental Illness in Canada, Wearing Masks, Eyes Wide Open and Globalist Humiliation Ritual

640) Two Video Segments: Comic Book Community and Covid Mask Mandates

641) Five Video Segments: Patio Garden Plants, Neighborhood Construction, YouTube Censorship, Covidian Challenge and Veil Lifted

642) How To Invest in BRICS: Collapse of the West, Rise of the East, Gold & Silver and Shorting Markets

643) Two Video Segments on the Iranian President’s Helicopter Crash: Assassinations & Coincidences and a Geophysics Plane Crash Story

644) Five Video Segments: Shorting Markets, Weather Warfare, Self Educate, Politicians & Bureaucrats and El Salvador & Canada

645) Seven Video Segments: 9/11, Red Rats, We're Screwed, Zionists, NAZIs, Genociding Gaza and Honoring Our Ancestors

646) End of US Petro-Dollar As Global Reserve Currency Explained: New Silk Road, BRICS/INSTC, Gold/Silver

647) Three Video Segments: Geopolitics, Freedom and Creating Political Content

648) Low IQ Red Rats That Love Obama Are Racists, Loving the Mass Murderer Because He’s Black: History

649) Three Video Segments: Georgia & Armenia, Pawns in War and Nikol Pashinyan

650) Three Video Segments: Today's Snack, Stephen King and TDS

651) Three Video Segments: Science Fiction Book Recommendations, Relationship Advice and Salvia Divinorum Discussion

652) Five Video Segments: Interesting Times, Caring About Politics, Technocrats Optimizing Genocide, Eliminating Anonymity & Privacy and Seizing Scott Ritter’s Passport

653) Seven Video Segments: AI, Zionists, UFOs, Aliens, Conscience, Improvements and Favorite Countries

654) Two Video Segments: Toxic Family and Our Burden To Bear

655) Four Video Segments: Be Prepared, Markets To Avoid, Compartmentalize Your Finances and Opportunities for Financial Gain

656) Five Video Segments: Surviving, UBI, "Scientific" Institutions, The Privileged and Decentralized Education

657) Five Video Segments: Free Julian Assange, US Elections, WikiLeaks, Awakened Warriors and Celebrating Freedom

658) Julian Assange Free, News Recap, June 24 to 25, 2024, and an Interview With Eric Levy

659) Five Video Segments: Julian Assange Didn’t Want To Be a Martyr, the Plea Deal, Western Media, Lifting the Veil and Red Rats

660) Three Video Segments: Best Wishes to Julian Assange, Pie & Feta Cheese and Advice to a Younger Self

661) Four Video Segments: Hate, Mistakes, Parents and Our Dysfunctional Society

662) Three Video Segments: Education, Snacks and Buying $1 Comic Books

663) Six Video Segments: Government Lies, Chosen People, Changing Guards, Collapse, Awareness and Paul Craig Roberts Was Right

664) Four Video Segments: Winning Wars, Pendulum Swings, Bankers' Wars and Howard Zinn

665) Four Video Segments: NATO Proxy War, Ukraine Self Determination, Israel-Lebanon War and Facebook User's Mental Gymnastics

666) Five Video Segments: Presidential Debate, Humiliation Ritual, Trump & Biden, French "Far Right" and “Putin Bad”

667) Five Video Segments: Financial Independence, Happiest Moments, Reading Comics, Car Stories and Pests in the Garden

668) Five Video Segments: Obama, Trump, Covid Vaccines, Biden and Zionist Israel

669) Six Video Segments: Map Legend, Censorship, WW3, Israel’s Genocide, France and Ukraine Sacrificed by NATO in Proxy War on Russia

670) Six Video Segments: Multipolar World, Gaza Concentration Camp, Putin Boogeyman, NATO 'Democracy', Russian Mercy and Ukrainian War Resources

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