Friday, November 23, 2012

Ominous Forewarning from Prof. Norman Finkelstein: “I do think there is a plot, a conspiracy afoot… all the western powers are now acting in concert for a decisive moment.”

In November 2010, Professor Norman Finkelstein and Hamza Andreas Tzortzis spoke at a hosted event to address the question: “What Will Bring Peace to the Middle East?”

This was an excellent discussion where Prof. Finkelstein provided a secular perspective focusing on international law, while Mr. Tzortzis shared his perspective as an international public speaker on Islam.

What I found especially of interest, however, were the following opening remarks by Prof. Finkelstein:
“I was asked to speak on a very specific topic this evening namely ‘How to resolve the conflict’, if I had my choice in the matter I would’ve preferred to speak about what’s happening now in Gaza and more importantly, what seems to be unfolding in Lebanon, which is quite serious and quite ominous. I think we’re headed towards a crossroads in the Israeli-Palestine conflict in Lebanon in the near future, probably in the next several months…

“In my opinion, there is a very sinister plot, and I don’t usually use the word plot, and there is a very sinister conspiracy, and I don’t usually use the word conspiracy, but I do think there is a plot, a conspiracy afoot, not just by the usual suspects the US and Israel, but also France, Italy, Canada, all the western powers are now acting in concert for a decisive moment.

“We should be very sensitive to that fact and just as they’re laying the groundwork for their evil, we should now be preparing ourselves and not being left at the last moment trying to mitigate a war but to prepare for it because it’s going to be a decisive moment. It will either be 1967 where a significant defeat was delivered to the Arab world or it’ll be 1956 where the British and the French and the imperial powers at the time suffered a major setback. But it is serious and in my opinion it’s really, if I could use the word, it’s quite filthy.”
An ominous - and astonishingly accurate - forewarning considering all the changes that have taken place since 2010 due to the Arab Spring. From Libya, Tunisia, Syria, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen, to the latest Israeli offensive in Gaza and much more, the face of the Middle East and Northern Africa is changing.

As to the historical events that Prof. Finkelstein refers to, they are the 1967 Six-Day War as well as its consequences, and the 1956 Suez Crisis as well as its implications (pdf).

The video for this event which includes the question and answer period is provided below and is well worth the watch.

Professor Norman Finkelstein & Hamza Tzortzis - What Will Bring Peace to the Middle East?

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