Friday, November 22, 2013

The British Military, Operating Death Squads from Belfast to Basra: Terrorizing Civilians is What Occupying Forces Do

The latest no shit story is that “soldiers from an undercover unit used by the British army in Northern Ireland killed unarmed civilians.”
“Before it was disbanded 40 years ago, after 18 months, plain-clothes soldiers carried out round-the-clock patrols of west Belfast - the heartland of the IRA - in unmarked cars.”
Former members of the unit stated that “they also carried out drive-by shootings of nationalists, even though there was no independent evidence any of them were IRA members.”
We were not there to act like an army unit, we were there to act like a terror group.”

This news will, of course, not surprise the Irish nor anyone unfortunate enough to have first-hand experience of living under occupation - or anyone remotely aware of history for that matter.

A more recent occurrence of terrorism by occupying forces was documented in Iraq in 2003. Two SAS soldiers were freed from a jail in Basra by the British military after they were arrested for “shooting at policemen”. The British soldiers were “wearing Arab clothes” and from the car that they were driving, opened “fire on a police checkpoint, killing one. In pursuit, the police surround(ed) and detain the drivers and (found) the vehicle packed with explosives.”
“That's right — two members of the British Armed forces disguised as Arab civilians killed a member of the Iraqi police while evading capture. When the people of Basra rightfully refused to turn the murderers over to the British government, per Coalition ‘mandate,’ they sent their own men in and released over 100 prisoners in the process.”

If this occurred anywhere else in the world and if their targets were our allies, these men would have been charged with terrorism, put on a one way flight to Guantanamo Bay or one of our countless other secret detention centers where they would have been tortured until they revealed the location and identity of their employers. All of that would have been unnecessary of course, since we all know that they were working for the British government to destabilize the region. This is not speculation, this incident is a well-documented conspiracy and it will remain a part of our history.

How many of these operatives, i.e., terrorists, Western governments have unleashed on the civilian populations of world is anyone’s guess. Why they have done, and continue to do such a thing, can only be speculated upon. The only ones who truly know the reasons are our governments and until we demand answers and justice this practice will continue, may it be in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Palestine, Western Sahara, Tibet, or the numerous other occupied territories across the globe (1, 2, 3).

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