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Here Is What Happened in Fallujah in 2004, a Prelude for What Is to Come in 2014

The war that will determine the future of Iraq is just beginning (2, 3, 4). The temporary illusion of pacification, control, and peace that was financed by U.S. taxpayers through the “surge” and the “Awakening” has vanished. Left behind are a destitute people in a war-torn country awaiting their final fate as violence escalates in this proxy war between regional and global superpowers.

Sound familiar? It should. It’s what many independent analysts were warning us about while our mainstream media pundits and politicians continued to celebrate the end of war, again and again.

We’ll talk more about the reasons, the players, and the most likely outcome for the region in the future. For now, as the government of Iraq armed with U.S. weapons (2) and supported by Iran prepares to enter Fallujah to try and displace “terrorists” [sic] armed and supported by “Saudi Arabia and its neighbors, all allies of the United States” [sic], let’s take a look at what is in store for the inhabitants of this ancient land by taking a look at what happened in Fallujah in 2004 when the United States and Britain razed the city (please note, Dahr Jamail’s testimony of what happened in Fallujah is a must watch).

  1. Introduction, Concealing War Crimes in Fallujah

  2. Dahr Jamail on What Happened in Fallujah

  3. Documentary: Fallujah, the Hidden Massacre

I. Introduction, Concealing War Crimes in Fallujah

Every time I read a story published in Western mainstream media about what transpired in Fallujah in 2004 during two U.S. assaults on the city I feel sick.

The evidence proving that the United States committed war crimes, slaughtering innocent men, women and children is irrefutable. The U.S. military’s use of chemical weapons is irrefutable. The destruction of a city amounting to collective punishment is irrefutable. All of this occurred because four Blackwater mercenaries were killed by Iraqis who were trying to protect their city from what we refer to as “America's Private Army”.

I have tried to understand why Western mainstream media has remained complicit in its coverage and reporting of this event, and I believe I found the answer.

On January 2, 2008, The Washington Times reported that:
“…a secret intelligence assessment of the first battle of Fallujah shows that the U.S. military thinks that it lost control over information about what was happening in the town, leading to ‘political pressure’ that ended its April 2004 offensive with control being handed to Sunni insurgents.”
This propaganda piece continues to state that:
“…the decision to order an immediate assault on Fallujah, in response to the televised killing of four contractors from the private military firm Blackwater, effectively prevented the Marine Expeditionary Force charged with retaking the town from carrying out ‘shaping operations,’ such as clearing civilians from the area, which would have improved their chances of success.”
According to the article:
“Crucial to the failure…was the role of the Arabic satellite news channels Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya… ‘They filmed scenes of dead babies from the hospital… Comparisons were made to the Palestinian intifada. Children were shown bespattered with blood; mothers were shown screaming and mourning day after day.’”
The damning part of this article, which explains why Western mainstream media has continued to turn a blind eye to what happened in Fallujah is presented in the last two paragraphs (emphasis added):
“…later in 2004, when U.S.-led forces successfully retook Fallujah, they brought with them 91 embedded reporters representing 60 press outlets, including Arabic ones. ‘False allegations of non-combatant casualties were made by Arab media in both campaigns, but in the second case embedded Western reporters offered a rebuttal,’ the authors said.”
Did everyone catch that? While all non-western embedded and non-embedded journalists were reporting that innocent men, women and children were being massacred, “embedded Western reporters” were denying these reports.

Do you feel sick yet? You should be by this time, especially if you remember that during World War II, Nazi ‘news’ sources never reported on German War Crimes, and if they did, they used words such as “false allegations”, “military action”, “informational battle”, “successfully retook”, and “presumably killed”.

If you would like to know what really happened in Fallujah, then watch the following short excerpt from a lecture by Dahr Jamail, an award winning unembedded American journalist who was in Fallujah at the time of the U.S. assault.

II. Dahr Jamail on What Happened in Fallujah

On 8 December 2007 Dahr Jamail, an award winning American author and journalist who is best known as one of the few unembedded journalists to report extensively from the Iraq War, spoke to roughly 200 people at the Vancouver planetarium in British Columbia Canada about his book, “Beyond the Green Zone”, and the catastrophic occupation of Iraq.

I attended this lecture and was fortunate enough to film the event. The following is an excerpt of the lecture, talking about what happened in Fallujah in 2004 when the United States and Britain assaulted the city. Additional videos from this lecture available at: “An American Perspective on Iraq, Dahr Jamail”.

Dahr Jamail on what happened in Fallujah: U.S. War Crimes
more from Dahr Jamail: Dahr Jamail Returns to Iraq to Find Rampant Torture and a Failed State Living in "Utter Devastation" and Ten Years Later, U.S. Has Left Iraq with Mass Displacement & Epidemic of Birth Defects, Cancers

III. Documentary: Fallujah, the Hidden Massacre

Fallujah: The Hidden Massacre

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    1. Photos Show Marines Burning Bodies in Iraq - "The Pentagon has opened a probe following the publication of graphic photographs appearing to show U.S. marines burning dead bodies in Iraq. The website TMZ says the images were taken in Fallujah in 2004. They show U.S. soldiers pouring gasoline on the bodies of victims described as slain Iraqi militants. Others show the bodies’ charred remains and a U.S. soldier posing next to a skull."