Monday, September 29, 2014

Infinity, Part 1 to 3: Until the End of Time and the Universe Explodes; Limits and Asymptotes, Visualizing Infinity; Going Halfway, Travelling from A to B Forever (The Language of Mathematics, Series IVb, #154 to #156) - UPDATE 2

As a follow-up to one of the first videos that I produced for The Language of Mathematics, the 2007 teaser video regarding Zero and Infinity, below you will find three additional videos discussing the concept of infinity in more detail. The original teaser video is also embedded.

My Two Infinities, Part 1: Goes on Forever until the End of Time, and the Universe Explodes (#154)

My Two Infinities, Part 2: Limits and Asymptotes, Visualizing Infinity on a Graph (#155)

My Two Infinities, Part 3: Going Halfway, Travelling from A to B until Reaching the Planck Length (#156)

The Language of Mathematics (5): Zero and Infinity

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