Monday, June 19, 2017

Patreon Page Update

The following is a little update that I just posted on My Patreon Page:
Hi everyone. Since I’ve been fairly quiet on the channel for the last couple of weeks I thought I’d give you a little update before I kick things into full gear again.

I just finished another school year, and like most years my students needed my full attention. As you probably know I’m fairly critical of our education system, I actually consider it to be horrendous, but the kids do try their best to navigate this system and for me the least I can do is try my best to get them through this initiation process.

As for what’s coming up. I have a few things lined up and a lot of open topics that require further exploration. A lot more on much of those in the future, but right now there is one thing I would like to give you a heads-up on and one thing I would like to get your input for.

First, when I put this Patreon page together and asked for your help I mentioned that at some point we would start live video chats where we could talk about almost anything you would like. I think I would like to get that started this summer, hopefully in August. My question to you is, which platform would you like to use? Initially I was thinking about keeping things on YouTube but I would rather try another service. I know Patreon just recently did an update but I don’t think they’ve added live video hosting yet.

One reason I would like to keep this off YouTube is that I want to make sure that for your support you will have my full attention, i.e., this is for you, my Patreon supporters only. The other reason is that since YouTube has pretty hardcore censors, and since almost any topic will be open for discussion, I want to make sure that my channel doesn’t build up too many strikes with the YouTube gatekeepers. In my opinion, it is their platform and they have the right to control what businesses use their services and what the discourse will be, but I would like to offer more. So, any ideas or suggestions where we could do this?

As for what will be coming up in the near future. A lot more math, comic books, food and ASMR as usual, of course. The topic that I will be starting out with though will be a little discussion on economics which will directly kick us into a set of videos I have lined up on how percentages work (ASMR Math). I’ll explain what the rhyme and reason will be for these videos during the introduction to the economics video, but basically I just want to share my perspective on the economy, economics, where we are coming from, where we are heading and how we can prepare for what is in store. This will be a direct follow-up to my little political rant I did a few months ago and should provide a nice background for what we will be doing in the percentages discussion for ASMR Math.

Apologies for the long wall of text, but thought I’d give a little update and ask to see where and how everyone would like to hold these live chats. Aside from that, I’m going to take a couple of days to recoup from the end of the school year rush. I’ll be back soon in full force soon.

Thank you for your support.



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