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How to Play Monopoly: Variant Rules: Fast Rapid Games, Multiple Games per Gaming Sessions: Including Sample Live Stream Gameplay

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  1. Introduction
  2. Rules and Sample Gameplay (Videos)
  3. Tables and Rules (Text)
  4. Live Stream Gameplay (17 Games)

I. Introduction

Monopoly Variant Rules: Introduction: The Rules, The Mathematics, and Live Stream Gameplay

II. Rules and Sample Gameplay (Videos)

How to Play Monopoly: Variant Rules

Monopoly Variant Rules Gameplay: Learning Math by Playing Board Games

III. Tables and Rules (Text)

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Keep these in mind regarding monopoly, especially for this variant:
1) Objective of the game is to own everything, and money management is a huge part of this game.

2) Main strategy is to wheel and deal and bankrupt as many as you can.

Rules of the variant game:
1) Shuffle and cut cards before dealing.

2) Roll dice to see who gets first card (usually highest). Deal cards clockwise, one card at a time. Cards must be distributed evenly, i.e., everyone must have the same number of cards. Extra cards are held by the bank until someone purchases them during regular play, i.e., if available for purchase, person landing on the property can choose to do so.

3) Pay for your properties. You may have to mortgage what you have already paid for to raise enough funds to pay for the rest of your properties.

4) Wheel and deal segment. This may take a few minutes. Try to get your hands on sets. Sometimes the deals are one-on-one, sometimes it’s a multiplayer deal, sometimes it’s the whole table.

5) Roll to see who moves first. Do this after the first Wheel and Deal session.

6) You must go completely around once, go once around the board, to be able to build on your properties. Going directly to jail does not count as one rotation. Any movements due to “Chance” or “Community Chest” cards count as movement around the board.

7) Any taxes or fines collected through “Chance” or “Community Chest” cards and interest paid to unmortgage property (10%) goes into Free Parking. Landing in Free Parking gets you the loot.

8) When in bankruptcy, you cannot wheel and deal, you must pay your creditor or forfeit everything to the person you owe money to. All property must be mortgaged before the handover.

9) If a bankruptcy occurs due to money owing to the bank, then the bank acquires all the properties, if mortgaged they will now be unmortgaged, and they will be available for purchase during regular play.

10) The person that is rolling the dice cannot hold up the game to make a deal. Players should be trying to make deals before it is their turn to roll the dice.

11) No rolling dice if there is payment in progress on the board.

12) There has got to be enough time between turns to allow people to react. This maybe based on time (5 to 10 seconds), announcements that you/someone is rolling dice, few shakes of the dice, etc.

13) Once you hear the dice roll, it is your responsibility to keep track of what has occurred.

14) If you rat someone out you must pay half their rent, i.e., it is the responsibility of the owner of a property to request rent for that property, not anyone else.

15) Dice tilts are acceptable as a roll, just like craps, however, if the majority of the players agree that it is too close to call, i.e., the tilt is too much, they may request a re-roll.

16) Dice must land on the board to be counted.

17) Rent can be collected in jail, making jail a safe haven.

18) You can only build as many houses and hotels that the market can absorb, as many as there are, 32 houses and 12 hotels. If there are no houses or hotels available to be built, you cannot build unless you are dismantling building on another property you own. One useful strategy is to build only houses possibly preventing someone else from building.

19) Optional variants rules:
1) Increase or decrease funds given to each player at the start.

2) Deal out sets instead of single cards.

3) You can build at the start, no need to go one full rotation before building phase. Obviously the person going first will have a major advantage. With this variant, sometimes the games last only a few minutes.

IV. Live Stream Gameplay (17 Games)

Monopoly Marathon Live Stream Weekend: Introduction to the next 17 Monopoly Games [Gameplay, ASMR]

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