Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Let's Do Some Math: Twitch Live Stream, Graphing Quadratic Functions, Completing the Square, and More [ASMR]

Table of Contents:
NOTE: The video is mirrored for the first few minutes, we do fix it half way through the multiplication discussion. Thank you for pointing this out during the stream.
  • Setting Up (1:05)
  • Introduction to the Math Live Streams (3:05)
  • What Should We Do? (9:08)
  • Let’s Look at Multiplication (11:23)
  • Answering a Question: Why is Math Important? (16:55)
  • Why we convert quadratics from y = ax2 + bx + c form to vertex form y = a(x - h)2+ k (21:18)
  • Graphing a Parabola, a Quadratic Functions: Completing the Square (47:33)
  • Sample Problem Involving Quadratic Functions: Maximizing Area Question (1:35:24)
  • Closing Thoughts (1:48:00)

  • Twitch Channel: twitch.tv/chycholive
  • Upcoming Live Stream: Let's Take a Look at My Record Collection and Talk About Music, Wednesday, Feb 28, 8:30 PM PST.
  • Upcoming Live Stream: Comic Book Haul Live Stream, Thursday, Mar 1, 2:00 PM PST
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