Saturday, June 16, 2018

Short Update

Hi everyone, just thought I’d quickly touch base.

I’m almost done with my students for this school year which means that I’ll be able to tackle a lot of the work I’ve planned out for us here, one of which will be a full update of things to come and how we will be incorporating the live streaming with the video shoots.

Congrats to everyone who has or is finishing up with classes. For some reason, from my end anyway, it felt like a very busy and chaotic year. Very fun though and definitely kept me as well as some of my students on our toes.

Aside from that, expect some edited videos to start appearing on YouTube directly for the summer as well as lots of unannounced live streams to start on Twitch. Once I shake off the school year and get sorted out and organized from my end we’ll kick into the next phase.

And for what we’ll try and get to first, I need to edit the ICO and Crypto Currency video that we did the live stream for here:

"Behind the Scenes: Let’s Explore the Possibilities of ICOs and Cryptocurrencies"

There are also some videos that I’ve planned out to do regarding mathematics, life and personal finance, investing, some politics and economics, and lots and lots of comic books.

Thank you for all the love and support, should be a defining summer if all goes well.

Talk soon,


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