Sunday, December 23, 2018

Let's Play Backgammon, Live Streams: How to Play Tutorials, Beginners, Introduction [ASMR]

We're having three days of live streaming backgammon on Twitch. During these live streams we'll look at some of the basics as well as talk a little strategy. Here is my backgammon playlist on YouTube where we've already taken a look at my board, played a few games, as well as looked at the probability distribution of dice. These live streams, however, will only be available on my BitChute channel, links for which are provided below:
1) Day 1 of 3: Twitch Live Stream, December 22, 2018
2) Day 2 of 3: Twitch Live Stream, December 23, 2018
3) Day 3 of 3: Twitch Live Stream, December 24, 2018
My Twitch Channel available at:

Additional live streams available on the Live Streams Page

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