Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Live Stream Open Discussion on Julian Assange & WikiLeaks, Part 6: Focus on the OPCW Douma Docs (BitChute Exclusive, Timestamps in Description)

Hi everyone, now that we have the soft-spoken reading of the OPCW Douma Docs up on YouTube and BitChute, I’m releasing Part 6 and Part 7 of the live stream open discussions we had on Julian Assange and WikiLeaks on December 11 and 21, respectively (Part 7 will be released in the next couple of days).
  • Video on BitChute: Open Discussion on Julian Assange & WikiLeaks (P6): OPCW Douma Docs (Timestamps in Description)
  • Please note that Part 6 is only being released on BitChute. Considering the topic, I did get a little hot under the collar and I don’t believe that the video will pass the YouTube censors; it will be flagged and might put our channel in danger of being deleted, which is something we do not desire. I haven’t reviewed Part 7 yet to decide if it will be uploaded to YouTube or not.

    If you do not enjoy the political side of my work, you will want to skip this one. That said, what is happening to Julian Assange and the information WikiLeaks has been releasing are an extremely important discussion to be had - what is taking place will decide the future of our societies.

    Aside from that, stay tuned, a lot of content, political and not, is in the works.

    Peace everyone, and thank you for the support.


  • Introduction and Discussion (6:30)
  • Wikipedia (41:06)
  • Importance of WikiLeaks (43:05)
  • Reading chycho's Article - Link Below (45:45)
  • Iran-Iraq War and the Use of Chemical Weapons (53:20)
  • Money and Power (57:40)
  • Reading Part 1 & Part 2 of WkiLeaks: OPCW Douma Docs - Link Below (1:02:05)
  • Watching Aaron Mate Interview with Jonathan Steele - Link Below (1:16:00)
  • Why Julian Assange is Being Crucified (1:36:08)
  • Further Discussion (1:37:39)
  • and much more...
  • See the Wikileaks and Julian Assange Playlist for additional information and videos.

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