Monday, March 30, 2020

Reading Comics Live Stream: Our Love Story #16, Stan Lee, John Buscema, Joe Sinnot, Alan Weiss, Holli Resnicoff, Marvel Comics, 1972 Romance (ASMR, Timestamps in Description, First Story at 53:15)

See Table of Contents for additional material related to Comic Books, ASMR and Live Streams .
  • Video on BitChute

  • Introduction to Our Love Story #16 (43:38)
  • Read 1st Story: “The Boy Who Can’t Be Mine!” (53:15)
  • Read 2nd Story: “As Good As Any Man” (1:12:08)
  • Read 3rd Story: “Wings on My Heart” (1:23:30)
  • Read 4th Story: “Queen of the Blues! [My Song…and My Sorrow!]” (1:34:39)
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