Saturday, January 9, 2021

Uploaded the Last Four Political Video Segments, Full Live Stream Will Be up Tomorrow on Bitchute and Soundcloud

I everyone,

Here is the last batch of the political short video segments that I uploaded today on both BitChute and CensorTube. The full live stream video will be up on BitChute tomorrow, and the audio on SoundCloud:

Also note, Considering the turmoil right now, I went pretty hard on this live stream, so if you are here because of everything else that we are doing other than the political content, please skip these videos, seriously.

Aside from that, thank you for all your support.



1) Politicians with Lockdowns Are Killing Small Business to Feed Wall Street & Increase Their Net Worth: BitChute, CensorTube

2) Don't Believe Government Propaganda, Loneliness from the Lockdowns Is Killing the Elderly: BitChute, CensorTube

3) Follow the Smart Money, Problem with Our Societies, How to Know What's Going on in the World: BitChute, CensorTube

4) Keep Your Eyes on the Prize: Death Blow to Small Business, Take a Look at the M1 and M2 Numbers: BitChute, CensorTube

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