Monday, August 9, 2021

I'm Back from Visiting Family, Live Streams Will Resume Shortly

Hi everyone,

I'm back from visiting family after a year of lockdowns. Ended up eating lots of delicious home made food, played lots of backgammon, visited with lots of family and celebrated grandma's birthday (93 years old now).

I'm just going to take the next couple of days to assimilate back into my routine, upload the previous live streams that I haven't released yet on our video sharing platforms (including short segments and a podcast or two), and then I'll announce the next set of live streams.

As for what we will be doing? I'm actually thinking of holding a few live streams where we watch Julian Assange's twelve episode series entitled "The World Tomorrow". I watched these, some more than once, when they first appeared, and I have been meaning to re-watch them again so I figure it might be worth while to watch them together and hold a discussion per episode afterwords.

Here is the complete series if you would like to get a feel for what this is all about.
  • Video hosted on RT:

  • Playlist on CensorTube:
  • Once I decompress a little I'll provide further updates.



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