Thursday, February 10, 2011

How to Study: Introduction: The Language of Mathematics IIIb (139)


  1. Hey Chycho,

    Fantastic series. Beginning of last year I pretty much watched everything you had available at the time. But as you point out, "to learn we need to do". I'm planning on going over it all again but this time I'll take the time to work on exercises for each section. Can't wait for series IIIb BTW. I was wondering if you can recommend any resources that be useful for practice material or are you gonna put some exercises up at some point?

    Keep up the great work buddy!

  2. Hi Ivan, glad you're enjoying the material.

    As for the exercises, I do plan on putting them up again at some point, but not sure when this will happen yet.

    If you're looking for a good resource for practice material, I use to use Schaum's Outlines a lot back in the day. They had a lot of worked out examples that I found very useful, especially for physics. Hope that helps.

  3. Nice one. I'll check it out, thanks!