Friday, February 11, 2011

How to Study: Tip #1: Why Are You Here? The Language of Mathematics IIIb (140)


  1. Hi, i want to tell you something (first sorry if my English is bad, im from Sweden)!

    I am in the special group of people that love, mathematics but never understand it. My teachers always told me that, your bad at math. And i thought, hum, you may be right. But deep inside of me, i thought (I whant to understand math)!

    I have both dyslexia and A.D.D, so many things have been hard in school.
    But i never gave up!

    Now i have studied media- and communication science at University college, and i made it thru. We started with about 40-50 students. Only about 15 made it thru the whole process.
    And i was one of them! This made me think, maybe i am not that dumb at all! Three years of study at a higher stage of school and i make it thru with good grades.

    Then i cant stop now, so now i am learning (by my own) to understand math!

    I stumbled upon your video clip on youtube, and said to myself this guy know what he is doing! Your pedagogics is phenomenal, and i love that you make math feeling that "chill".

    Because i had trouble to understand math in school, i know what many children have to feel in school today!

    And i really want to help!

    My skills in math is still "basic" but i am studying every day! When you are talking about 5hr a week, i am studying 5-3 hours, daily.

    The thing is, you and (also) the page, is a big help to me!

    And i want to help!
    So just tell me if i can do something (anything)!
    I have "no" money but i can contribute with something else. If you give me directives on animations or things like that, i can try to make them. Or if you need music, my band (Val Venosta) can give it to you or make some thing new "exclusive" for you!

    And if you cant think of anything that's ok, i am proud to say, becouse of you i dont only love math, im beginning to understand it!

    Best Regards // Erik B

    (If you are interested in help, tell me here and i send you my email)

  2. Hi Erik,
    I'm glad to hear that the videos are helping. It definitely puts a smile on my face knowing that they're doing their part to spread the word about the beauty of math.

    As well, thank you for the offer to help. I checked out a few of your original and remixes on your youtube channel, and they're Awesome!
    For sure I would be into using your music with some of the math work that I'm doing. I'm just about the wrap up Series IIIb, and I will be starting Series IV Mid-Spring, which is probably when I'll be needing the music. I'll definitely check out your work on the pages you linked when I get closer to starting the next series.

    One thing if you could do though, please make sure that you're okay with what I'm doing with this project, which is in essence teaching math and helping to raise money for organizations that are trying to end prohibition. Further info here:

    Thanks again for the kinds words and the offer to help.



    ps. I really like what Khan Academy is doing as well. Free education for all, it's what it's all about, and the only thing that will see us into the future.