Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Pomegranate ASMR Video Page

As a follow-up to the beard ASMR videos (picking wet hair and dry hair), while making the pomegranate videos I decided to produce some of them specifically for the ASMR community.

Pomegranates are one of my favorite fruits and when they are in season, I end up gorging on them. I enjoy them not just because they are extremely beautiful, delicious and good for you, but also because they take time and care to enjoy and I find the experience meditative, i.e., it tickles my brain.

The following videos share this process. ASMR videos regarding other topics will be produced in the future.

Eating a Bowl of Pomegranate Seeds with a Spoon - ASMR - Soft-Spoken, Male, Chewing, Crunching

How to Squish Pomegranates on a Table -- ASMR -- Crunching, Cracking, Soft-Spoken, Male

Close-up of How to Squish Pomegranates with Your Fingers - ASMR - Crunching, Cracking, Soft-Spoken

First Person Perspective of Squishing Pomegranates -- ASMR -- Crunching, Cracking, Soft-Spoken

Eating a Big Bowl of Pomegranate Seeds with a Spoon (ASMR - Tapping, Male, Chewing, Crunching)

Cutting 11 Pomegranates in Half -- ASMR -- Cracking, Tapping, Crunching, Male, No Talking

Deseeding 11 Pomegranates -- ASMR -- Tapping, Crunching, Male, No Talking

Eating a Bowl of Yogurt and Pomegranates Seeds at a 1 to 1 Ratio - ASMR - Male, Crunching

Eating a Bowl of Pomegranates Seeds with Apples and Dark Chocolate with a Spoon [ASMR]

Pomegranate, Apple, Chocolate Fruit Salad Eating a Bowl of Pomegranate Seeds with Apples and Cocoa/Cacao [ASMR]

Eating Fruit Salad: Pomegranate Seeds, Kiwi, Persimmons, Hemp Hearts, Mulberries & Cacao Nibs [ASMR]

Let's Make Some Pomegranate Liqueur: Tasting Homemade Liqueurs, How to Make, Recipe

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