Friday, February 7, 2014

U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Discusses Who Should Rule Ukraine on Behalf of the United States (Update to Death Follows McCain to the Ukraine)

To say that what’s happening in Ukraine is extremely important is an understatement. It will be precedent setting, just like what’s happening in Syria (2), and just like what happened in Afghanistan and Iran, but a lot more on that later. For now, the following has been added as an update to: “What Cold War? This Cold War: Death Follows McCain to the Ukraine as the Armenia-ultimatum to Screw over Russia Fails Again for the EU and the U.S.”
Ukraine crisis: Leaked phone call embarrasses US - "The two officials also discuss frankly the merits of the three main Ukrainian opposition leaders - Vitaly Klitschko, Arseniy Yatseniuk and Oleh Tyahnybok. The female speaker says that Mr Klitschko, the former heavyweight boxing world champion, should not be in any new government. 'I don't think it's a good idea.' She adds: 'I think Yats (Arseniy Yatseniuk) is the guy who's got the economic experience.'"
Марионетки Майдана (Marionettes of Maidan)

More information on this: In the following video the reporters actually do a great job questioning the spokesperson for the United States Department of State, Jen Psaki, on why the United States is, in essence, planning a regime change in the Ukraine.

State Dept. Psaki grilled over leaked ' F**k the EU ' tape - Russia leaked it

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