Friday, April 11, 2014

Table of Contents: Main

As the about page states, this site is a labor of love; presenting a personal perspective to help bring about positive changes for this ailing civilization that we have created.

Below you will find some of the main articles presented on this site over the last few years. They are neither recommendations nor condemnations, they are merely documenting a story unfolding in real time.

There are some overlaps within articles, and some repetition between sections, but since everything is connected, I believe it is appropriate to present the information in this light.

I hope you find the following discussion coherent and palatable.

Table of Contents

  1. Mathematics

  2. Privacy

  3. 420

  4. Politics

  5. Economics

  6. Science

  7. Environment

  8. Life and Death

  9. Entertainment

  10. Education

  11. Games and Gambling

  12. Psychedelics

  13. Technology

  14. Comic Books

  15. ASMR

  16. Miscellaneous

  17. Chycho TV

I. Mathematics

II. Privacy

III. 420

IV. Politics

IVb. Afghanistan

IVc. Africa

IVd. Armenia

IVe. Bahrain

IVf. Canada

IVg. Egypt

IVh. France

IVi. Iraq

IVj. Iran

IVk. Ireland

IVl. Israel/Palestine

IVm. Syria

IVn. Turkey

IVo. Ukraine

IVp. 9/11

V. Economics

VI. Science

VII. Environment

VIII. Life and Death

IX. Entertainment

X. Education

XI. Games and Gambling

XII. Psychedelics

XIII. Technology

XIV. Comic Books


XVI. Miscellaneous

XVII. Chycho TV

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