Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Q&A and Current Events Open Discussion Live Stream Held on January 19, 2020: Iran, Elections, Politics, Capitalism, Economics, Epstein, Math, Anime, Comic Books, Education, Entheogens, Religion, Chocolate Cake & more (Timestamps in Description)

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  • Video on BitChute: Q&A: Iran, Elections, Epstein, Math, Anime, Education, Entheogens & more (Timestamps in Description)
  • TOPICS DISCUSSED IN THIS VIDEO (timestamps): Iran Plane Downing and Canada (4:17), Cyber Warfare Against Iran, Flame and Stuxnet (9:48), UFC/McGregor (17:40), US Elections (18:58-23:35), US Foreign Policy (23:35-25:04), Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell (30:20), Mathematics (36:18-40:50), Who Runs the World, NWO (42:27), Our Economics System and Taxes (43:27-48:03), Religion/Spirituality/Science (50:17), Hollywood (57:08, 1:03:50), Japanese Literature, Anime, Manga, Comic Books (59:38, 1:06:25 and further), Meditation, Education, Entheogens (1:02:35), Understanding the Geopolitical Game (1:05:12), Identity Politics and Its Future (1:05:30), Grant Morrison, Happy!, and Doom Patrol (1:13:24, 1:15:00), Catching-up with Geopolitics (1:18:34), Some of the Most Important Political Issues of Our Time: Assange, War with Iran, Latin America, China, Africa (1:20:10-1:24:40), List of Great Teachers (1:28:33), Economics, Wall Street, Differential Accumulation (1:36:00), Capitalism (1:39:10 and further), Inflation (1:42:26), Selling Comics on EBay (1:46:25), Weak Trolls (1:52:07-1:57:00), An Entheogen Story Regarding Music (1:53:30), What are Drugs: Sugar, Alcohol, Tobacco (1:57:35), Nihilism (2:03:33), Depersonalization, Out of Body Experiences, and Cannabis (2:09:18 and further), Where to Start with Anime and Animation (2:14:40 and further) and more...
  • Twitch Channel: twitch.tv/chycholive
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