Friday, May 25, 2012

17th World Diplomacy Championship and DipCon 40: Introduction

In August 2007 the 17th World Diplomacy Championship and DipCon 40 were held in Vancouver, Canada at the University of British Columbia.

Initially I had planned on attending this event as a player, however, a few days before the games began I decided that instead of playing in the tournament I would film it. I wanted to document this event and hopefully obtain enough footage to be able to create a short instructional video to help promote this amazing strategic board game created by Allan B. Calhamer in 1954.

I personally consider Diplomacy to be one of the greatest games ever created, and believe, along with many others, that it should be a mandatory part of our education system. In these times, when politics governs every aspect of our lives it would be prudent to teach the art of diplomacy, and what better way to achieve this task than by playing a board game.

I have uploaded some of the raw footage into the following three sections. These videos should give everyone a pretty good idea of what this game is all about. Sometime in the future I’ll try and create an instructional video and upload additional footage:
1) Images: Random Footage

2) Interviews

3) Following a Game

News of Interest:
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