Friday, May 25, 2012

Math in Real Life: Table of Contents

By far the most common question that I have been asked over the years regarding mathematics has been, ”When am I going to use math in real life?” That is, at least, the way I choose to perceive it. Unfortunately, more often than not, this question has come my way in the form of the following absurd absolute statement, “I’m never going to use this in real life!”

This erroneous perception of math’s practical usage has been the most prevalent problem in our education system, and by addressing it, the beauty of mathematics and its relevance reveals itself. Information gets absorbed faster. The details get scrutinized and people begin to recognize the occasions for which they have, can, and are already using math in their own lives.

This is the ultimate purpose of this section, to apply what we have learned from studying The Language of Mathematics to enhance our lives.

Content for this section will be organized in the following categories:
  1. Mathematics of Prohibition
  1. Games and Gambling
  2. Personal Finance
  3. Food and Farming
  4. Food and Fitness
  5. Economics and Politics
  6. Business and Investment
  7. Energy and Environment
  8. Art, Design, and Dance
  9. Film and Music (Sight and Sound)
  10. Science and Technology
  11. Construction and Engineering
  12. Comic Books
  13. Miscellaneous

i. Mathematics of Prohibition

    Section 1: Mathematics of Prohibition
    • Series coming soon-ish now that prohibition on cannabis has ended in Canada.
    Section 2: Articles on Prohibition

I. Games and Gambling

    Section 1: Shooting Dice, Playing Craps
    Section 5: Chess

II. Personal Finance

    Section 1: Time Management

III. Food and Farming

    Section 1: Community Supported Agriculture, CSA

IV. Food and Fitness

    Section 1: Mathematics in the Kitchen

V. Economics and Politics

    Section 1: Economics
    Section 2: Politics

VI. Business and Investment

VII. Energy and Environment

    • In the works

VIII. Art, Design, and Dance

    Section 1: The Art of Dirk Marwig
    Section 2: The Mathematics of Sufi Whirling

IX. Film and Music (Sight and Sound)

X. Science and Technology


XI. Construction and Engineering

XII. Comic Books

XIII. Miscellaneous

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