Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Drop in Math Tutoring Session #8, Held on November 27, 2019: ASMR Math: Long Division (12:12), Percent (41:00), Binomial Theorem/Pascal's triangle (1:29:38) and more

See the ASMR Math Page and the Live Streams Page for additional information and videos. See Table of Contents for additional material related to ASMR, the Language of Mathematics and Math in Real Life.
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  • TIMESTAMPS: Calculating the Average of a Set of Numbers (5:25), Calculating Mode (9:22), Long Division (12:12), Advice on Writing Math Tests: Don't Look Away from the Sheet Until You Have Finished the Problem (16:40), Trick for Writing Multiple Choice Exams: Bet on the Mode (24:24), Education in Canada and the Unites States: Extreme Societal Pressure on Students (33:51-37:56), The First Two Things I Teach My Students When Teaching Them Mathematics (39:10-39:42), Calculating Percentage (41:00-51:04), More Advice on Writing Tests: Read the Whole Problem First (42:41), Elephants Eating Fermenting Fruit (52:45), Math is Just a Language: Don't Memorize It, Understand It (55:20), Math is the Language We Use to Solve Problems (1:02:52), Mathematics is the Universal Language: Math and Communicating With Aliens (1:06:15), Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman's The Death Gate Cycle: The Hand of Chaos - Fantasy Book Recommendation (1:08:23, 1:12:53), Story of Soundwave Music Festival (1:23:54), Binomial Theorem and Pascal's triangle (1:29:38-2:00:00) and more....

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