Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Live Stream Open Discussion on Health, Food, Addiction, Depression, Cannabis, Psychedelics, Entheogens, Pharmaceuticals, Education, Centralization, Bureaucracy, Cryptocurrencies & more (Timestamps in Description)

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  • Video on BitChute: Live Stream: Health, Food, Addiction, Depression, Cannabis, Psychedelics, Pharma, Education & more (Timestamps in Description)
  • TOPICS DISCUSSED IN THIS VIDEO (timestamps): Coffee, Manage Your Addiction (4:20-5:50... 7:14-8:20... and further), Dealing with Bureaucrats and Bureaucracy in Centralized Institutions (10:18, 14:37, 18:30-21:06), Teachers (12:33), Cannabis, A Super Plant (16:15-18:00), Entheogens, Herbs, Plants, Tobacco and Cannabis (21:38.... and further), Alcohol vs Cannabis (30:22), Some Hip-Hop Lyrics (32:20), Damage from Smoking (33:20), Depression and Dealing with Addiction, Feeling Sad (35:35-37:22), Vaporizing (38:00), Taking Breaks (38:55), Self Discipline and Work Ethics (41:35), Star Wars and Yoda (42:20, 1:10:30), Pharmaceuticals (42:50...), Cooking Lamb (43:40), Pesticides and Legalized Cannabis from Centralized Governments (45:00), Starting a Businesses in Canada (47:00), Eating Dates (50:55), Eating Healthy is Extremely Important and Takes Effort (51:48), Antidepressants and Antipsychotics (55:29), Eating Fruits and making Liqueurs (1:00:10), SSRIs and Erectile Dysfunction (1:02:35), Psilocybin and DMT and MDMA (1:05:14), Psychedelics and the Perception of Time (1:08:05), Fungi (1:09:15), Disney and the Mandalorian (1:12:00), Psychedelic Communities (1:13:20), Movies and Social Engineering (1:16:15), Mexican Thyme (1:18:58), What's chycho's Work and How Why You Should Learn Math (1:20:44-1:28:20 ), Eating Sprouts (1:22:44), Armenian Pastry, Nazook (1:29:00), Setting Personal Goals (1:30:40), Cryptocurrencies (1:33:45), What are Your Skills, Choosing a Career, Educate Yourself (1:36:45, 1:39:28-1:44:50... and further), Cost of Education and Our Current Education System, Degrees and Disruptive Innovation (1:46:54, 1:49:45)... and more...
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