Sunday, December 1, 2019

LIve Stream Open Discussion on Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, Part 5 (Timestamps in Description)

See the Wikileaks and Julian Assange Playlist as well as the Q&A Page and the Live Streams Page for additional information and videos.
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  • TIMESTAMPS: Introduction and Review (2:11), Reminder Of the Importance of the Gitmo Files (5:41-12:20), Al-Qaeda, ISIS and Afghanistan History (13:10-16:20), Reading the Article, "Slow Motion Execution of Julian Assange" by John Wight (17:15-26:42), Quick History of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks (30:45-45:50), Treatment of Julian Assange is a Reflection of the State of Education in Our Societies: The Problem with Passive Consumption of News (45:50-48:30, 49:50-52:46), Democratizing the Economy, Support Independent Creators (52:47-54:36), How to Begin to Decentralize Our Lives (59:36), Video of Nils Melzer, United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture, Regarding the Torture of Julian Assange (1:02:19-1:17:15), Know Your History: We Are Living in Unprecedented Times (1:18:40-1:21:45), The South American Neoliberal Economic Model is Being Rolled Out in Western Countries (1:23:08), Learn Our History: Howard Zinn, John Pilger's Year Zero and Chris Hedges' On Contact (1:28:47-), Reading An Article: Doctors demand “urgent” medical intervention to save Julian Assange’s life (1:38:38-1:52:14), We Are All Creative Beings: Purpose of Life (1:54:44) and more....

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