Friday, December 6, 2019

Current Events Live Stream Held on November 17, 2019: Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Iran, US, UK, WikiLeaks... Timestamps in Description

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  • Video on BitChute: Current Events Live Stream: Boliva, Brazil, Chile, Iran, US UK WikiLeaks - Timestamps in Description
  • TOPICS DISCUSSED IN THIS VIDEO (timestamps): Bernie Sanders acknowledges Bolivian Coup (3:50), Situation in Bolivia (7:20), Evangelical Christians and the Military in Bolivia and Brazil (9:00), Economics of the US Empire: South and Central America, The US Dollar, Trade (11:20-15:09), Brazil (15:10....and further), What's Been the Impact of WikiLeaks on the World Stage (16:58-18:44), Operation Gladio (20:55), Chile (23:20... and further), Canadian and British Mining Companies and Sierra Leone, History and the Stock market (25:00), Horeja (30:51), The Russian war movie, "Come and See" (34:10), Not Identifying with the Party System (37:03), Positive: We Hold a Tremendous Amount of Power (38:55), Trump Impeachment (40:30... and further), Trump's Wars, Economic Warfare, Iran and Bolivia (41:25-45:15), Iran and Saudi Arabia (45:30), Anarchism vs Centralization of Power (46:54... 58:10... 1:10:50... 1:32:18...and further...), Socialism (49:00), The Evangelical Christians Net, Selling Point of the Born Again Christian and Other Religious Movements (54:35, 58:59, 59:50-1:09:20), Indian Caste System (1:09:35), Cos of the War on Drugs (1:12:12... and further... into Colombia), Our Political System and the Laws and Governance and the Influence of Corporations (1:16:28...), Possible Model for Our Society, a Democracy Based on Mathematics, Using Statistics from Census (1:23:25-1:29:18), Jeremy Corbyn, UK and Brexit (1:34:44...and further), Identities, Spectrums, Genders and Rights (1:36:18-1:41:44...and further), Corporate Propaganda (1:41:501:43:30), Electoral System in Canada, Popular Vote, Tyranny of the Majority, Representative Democracy and Centralization (1:47:15-1:52:15... and further), and more...
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